Is Brushing and Driving Acceptable?

Figure Competitors eat on the go all the time. All. The. Time.

If you are at a stoplight and you look over and see a woman consuming large quantities of boiled chicken and green vegetables while sipping on a protein drink, most likely she’s a competitor.

Today I indulged in garlic yams and spicy tuna while driving from my naturopath appointment directly to a presentation I was giving.


Luckily I was prepared!

Girl Scout Motto + Magic Figure Competitor Purse = Toothbrush and toothpaste at your disposal

Yes…I was THAT woman. The woman brushing her teeth while driving downtown Edmonton today.

Donloree brushing teeth while driving

Its less than ideal, but WAY more ideal than killing 50 junior high girls with garlicky tuna breath!

If you were at a stoplight today and looked over to see a woman brushing her teeth while driving, most likely she’s somewhat out of her mind.

But you knew that already, right?!

Hey, no one said training only happens in the gym!

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  1. hey girl – i dont know if my last post went through – can we email about this? i’d love some more info!

  2. I JUST recorded a video of myself eating in my car and got so many comments from competitors saying how they do that too! I’ve never brushed while driving but can’t say I haven’t needed to after consuming kale chips!

    • bikiniorbust says

      I vote you give it a try! People look at you funny, but just shrug your shoulders and keep driving! 🙂

  3. I stand by you girl, I use my electric all the time:) You doing amazing!

  4. So funny! I have an assortment of diferent tiny bags in my hobo handbag… One for hygeine products, toothbrush, flossers, toothpaste, tampons, etc. I relate in a huge way. 🙂

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