Doing It Like a Maven!

Liz is a maven of many things and has recently added Figure Competitor to her growing list of ‘maven-ness‘. Her determination, commitment, and joy was evident in every single day of her prep. The Bikini or Bust competitors are blessed to have this maven in our midst!

Liz on the stage

Fabulous; inside and out! Now this is what I would call a Muscle Maven!

What did you learn about yourself from prepping for this show?

I have always been a very driven and dedicated person especially when I set my mind to something, but I had no idea how many challenges I would face during my prep.  I learned that this was something I wanted for myself and that I was not going to give up on that no matter what. But I was very thankful for some great people who I now consider close friends. The entire BoB group was always there to lend support.

  • Crazy things happened during my 1st prep…I lost my job (and this is not a cheap sport).
  • I had to travel lots during my prep for interviews (low carbs and being on point not perfect scenario- so diet was not stuck to 100%)
  • Family Issues (we will just leave it at that…but it makes it much harder when there is internal stress in your kingdom).
  • Shoulder Injury (we worked through this one without major setbacks).

What did you do that lead to your success?

The great relationship that I built with my trainer and my sheer determination, no one believed in me more than him.

What was the hardest thing to overcome during prep?

I think the travel with 4 weeks out was the hardest, here I am suppose to be focusing on interviewing and giving myself 100% to that and all I can think about is not sticking to the workout and diet my trainer has given me. This really messed with my head, because I totally felt I was not in control of the situation (but that’s probably an issue for my therapist).  LOL

How do you feel about the competition?

I must admit it was a pretty defeating feeling getting on stage next to girls that were bigger and fuller than me. But between the morning show and evening show I was allowed a little downtime to reflect…I decided that for the last 9 months I worked my arse off for this moment and I was not going to let anything take that away. I was much more comfortable for the evening show and it showed in my stage presents. Something for the next show…just do what you came to do, you know you worked hard and deserve a place on the stage.

What was your first ‘bad for you’ food that you ate when you were done?

For the last 3 weeks of prep I’m sure that everyone was totally tired of hearing about cupcakes and beer. It was so bad that I was dreaming about them. So before we even left the parking lot we cracked open the box of Yummy Cupcakes and a couple bottles of beer. I must say nothing has tasted so good. For the next week I indulged and many sugary and carb heavy treats, but now we are starting to head back to the clean eating.

Liz - Cupcake and beer!

Mmmmm!! Not a combo you would normally put together, but then competitors are known for their weird food combos!

What wouldn’t you change?

I wouldn’t change my trainer. I have complete faith in him. Everything else is on the table for improvement.

I also just want to say I am so amazed by the community I have found built around this sport. It is so supportive and encouraging. Most are so interested in your journey and cheering you on through this self torture we call Contest-Prep. No matter what background you come from once you enter prep you are now on a level playing field. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a Pro, it still sucks, and there are moments everyone needs a little pep or affirmation from the community.

Liz is doing amazing things in and outside of the gym. You can follow along on her journey by reading her blog or chatting with her on Twitter. Once you meet this maven you will want to become a maven too!

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  1. YAY Liz! I think you looked fantastic and you looked great on stage! Can’t wait to follow you through more prep’s!

  2. Liz is such a rock star. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

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