Treat Me Good!

  • Mile high mud pie
  • Reese’s peanut butter cup blizzard
  • Double chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting
  • Gooey and sweet cinnamon buns
  • Pizza
  • Fondue
  • Caramel pecan square
  • Rolo cheese cake
  • Cheesy nachos with sour cream AND guacamole

Drooling yet?

While backstage helping out at the competition on Saturday, I noticed a table with treats on it that had been covertly covered by a table cloth.

Underneath the table cloth were ‘treats‘ were lurking for the competitors as a reward for all their hard work.

Treats at INBF Comp

Jelly Bellies AND Two Bite Brownies. I was glad I remembered that they aren't as good as I think they are and that I enjoy being able to zip my pants up without Gertrude spilling over more than she does already!

Oddly enough, there was no temptation to eat the brownies or candy. On the other hand the fruit was more than just a tad tempting!

I’ve been known to ‘treat‘ myself to cake, a chocolate bar, ice cream, or bad of chips because I ‘deserve‘ it.

Then I lie in my bed groaning for hours with severe stomach pain. The next day I feel like I was run over my a truck and my pants are tight from water retention.

This is my treat? Feeling like death and tight pants? Time to get some new treats!

On the continued journey of breaking my emotional dependence on food, I have started to treat myself with things other than food.

Some of my favorite treats are:

  • Cup of coffee, my favorite chair in my living room, and a fabulous book.
  • Hot bath with eucalyptus and mint epsom salts and lemon water in a red wine glass.
  • Friends and laughing hysterically with them.
  • Night out on the town with my hot husband window shopping and watching a movie at the cheap theatre.
  • Wearing my most comfortable clothes in the house and not caring that I may scare the mailman.
  • Getting my butt kicked by my trainer on a weekly basis.
  • Empowering someone else chase their dreams.
  • Talking to my nieces on the phone and have them ‘show‘ me their drawings and cute dresses.

What are your favorite treats? I hope it isn’t always GI distress and tight pants!

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  1. Blargh! I am so food-obsessed. Cookies for Sean? Yeah, I ate WAY more than I should. 🙁 I need to remind myself of the joys of NON-FOOD treats like:

    1) Hot bath! With ice water in a glass – soooo luxurious, I totally agree!
    2) Nap without the kiddo next to me.
    3) Long walk/jog through the river valley – COMPLETELY ALONE.
    4) A blank journal to write in.
    5) A new fitness or organizing book to read/implement.
    6) New music on the iPod!

    I think I should put this list in my journal. And HIDE THE COOKIES!

  2. Tiffany Miller says

    1. Long hot bath with epsom salts and lavender oil
    2. Spending an afternoon in bed with a good book
    3. Yarn shopping 😀
    4: A nap in my hammock out in the sun!
    5: hiking in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
    6. I’m with Donloree on the coffee front, coffee is a daily gift, so yummy, so warming
    7. GNO, every Tuesdays I get together with my local besties for stitchin and bitchin!
    8. Browsing thrift stores for a treasure
    9. Sauna at the gym!
    10. Impromptu living room dance party!

  3. Hmmmmmmmm…this is a toughy! I guess we’re all foodies. I guess I would say my favorite treats are a coffee at the local coffee shop with hubby, a girls night out with my bffs, and having the time to purge my house of unwanted junk! That last one is weird I know!

  4. I learn so much from you. I need to learn your discipline. I love a long hot bath and a good magazine. I love my bed, and sleep. I love date night with my hubby. I love hugs and kisses from my babies. I love when my 2 year old says I love you too (or I wa wa too). I love when my 4 year old tells me he missed me today. I love a good talk with a good friend.

  5. I wrote a post about how awful I feel from poor eating choices and then saw your blog, so I had to edit and post a quote! ha! You inspire me, girl!!

    My previously touted “healthy” treats that I have banned:
    wheat thins
    gluten free chocolate muffins

    My new treats when I feel like I deserve a treat:
    Night out with my hubs
    Vanilla Rooibus tea
    Playing the cello
    Sleeping an extra hour instead of morning cardio

    You have me so excited about squeezing in a treat! You really put those junk foods in perspective for me – feeling bloated (ie FAT) and missing my stage body is NOT a treat!!

  6. Wowwwwwwwww that’s good timing I had a really difficult workout with my trainer yesterday after allowing myself a treat day…. That treat day drained me made me soooo sluggish and stressed out my awesome trainer she said treat days are unnecessary like I did anyhow you alot are right on the mark!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! I believed what she told me but now I really believe her even more and I’m trying so hArd to cut things out like That dreaded POP it’s gone I promised and I don’t break a promise everrrrrr!!!!!

  7. Amazing how, as a society, we use food as a reward. But like you said, how is “feeling like death and tight pants” a TREAT?! When people tell me that I “deserve” to have a cookie, I ask them how I “deserve” to feel awful and to not reach my fitness goals?

    Love this post – it’s great reminder that food is not always a treat. There are so many more wonderful things in life that DON’T give us GI issues and tight pants. 🙂

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