Suit Gluer Extraordinaire

Competitors are fierce, passionate, and unashamed about who they are and where they are going in life. They train hard in the gym and in life to be the very best people that they can be, and it shows up on game day.

Yesterday I was blessed to have the best volunteer job on the planet at the INBF Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Classic.

Emcee? Nope.

Backstage Director? Nope.

Awards Presenter? Nope, not that either.

Suit Gluer Extraordinaire? You betcha!

Yup, I ensured that all the bedazzled, tiny suits of the fabulous women were firmly glued to their arses and that no inadvertent peep shows happened on stage.

It could totally be an awkward job if you let it; or you could let it be one of the most honorable jobs you have ever done. Putting the final touches on someone’s journey to the stage and being able to look them squarely in the eye and tell them how utterly amazing they are after you’ve literally seen all of them is humbling to say the least.

I was blessed beyond measure to share my day with some very inspirational women.

In order to be at the event, it required an early morning departure of 7:30 am from Edmonton to ensure we got to Calgary on time.

Donloree on the way to the INBF show

Buckled in and ready to get on the road! There are suits to be glued!

All my supplies for the day were packed the night before in true competitor fashion.

Donloree meals

Chicken, sweet potatoes, oh my! Now where did that darned second meal go off to...?

Upon arriving, I immediately saw some of my most favorite athletes – Cheryl, Robyn, and Maria.

Three women who I am SO HONORED to know. Each of them live their lives to the fullest and are constantly giving to others without any expectation whatsoever.

A three hour car ride is a very small price to pay to be able to spend a day in their company.

I was excited to see everyone, but I was over the moon happy to see Susan, one of the inspiring Bikini or Bust women, compete. It was her day and I got to be there in person. She is one of the most self confident, healthy, inspiring, and amazing women that I know. To be able to spend the day with her was a complete gift.

Susan competition

She is utterly an oscar!

Lori and I finally got to meet in person after connecting on facebook. It was her first competition and she absolutely made her mark in the world!

Lori and Donloree

Check out her arms! Woot!

I was running around like mad gluing suits, applying tans, and giving women bananas to eat. My glowing white skin stuck out like a sore thumb, but it was good because it was easy to find me whenever a suit required re-gluing!

Connecting with Kait was also a highlight. A true champion that has lost nearly half of herself to walk on the stage. She is definitely going to take over the world of bodybuilding….watch out world!


Such joy and confidence; a combo that will serve her well!

The day was filled with fabulous people, chicken, spraying women with pam, gluing suits, and confidence. I was completely exhausted y the time the show was done and I just wanted to crash, but my bed in Edmonton was calling my name.

Never has a plastic covered girls dorm room gone wild looked so inviting before. Must not nap!

I arrived home at 1 am with a heart overflowing with contentment and joy. It was a day that I will remember for the rest of my life; not for the odd moments of suit gluing or slathering people with dream tan, rather because of who I met and how I was changed for the better by them.

These are the moments that change you. These are the moments you cherish. These are the moments of living life full and outloud.

These are the moments…

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  1. You were a fantastic butt-gluer, dream tan-slapper, Pam-sprayer, banana-holder, and overall backstage spirit-lifter. What a joy to have you there for the day. Thanks again for everything. And I mean everything.

  2. That’s awesome that you were able to be there and that you could finally meet some people face to face. I can’t wait to meet all of the BOB girls in person someday!!

  3. More than I love all your meal prep… I LOVE that you balanced it ALL on your legs for a picture! LOL! 🙂

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