Pretty Awesome Glasses

Rarely do you see a woman competing and wearing glasses. If you have ever seen a woman competing with glasses on you are bound to remember because she sticks out like a sore thumb. With all the bling on the suits, the five inch heels, and the bedazzled jewelry; glasses just put her over the top. Where do you look? Muscles? What muscles?

I love my glasses. I personally think they are some of the cutest glasses on the planet and I feel blessed to have them.

Donloree Glasses

Cute glasses indeed! They even help get me through ridiculous doctor appointments.

Every morning I fumble around in the dark looking for my cute glasses. Without them I am completely blind, making coffee is barely feasible without them.

I realized I have been putting my Grumpy Pants and Ungrateful Glasses on every morning as well. I find myself only seeing the bad things in life:

  • I have health problems.
  • I can’t compete tomorrow like I dreamed about.
  • I am putting on weight like a mad woman despite training like crazy and eating clean.
  • I am tired.
  • I am not where I want to be.
  • My clothes are starting to fit again, heck some are even tight!

Me, me, me! I, I, I! Time to throw those glasses in the trash! They are not cute, adorable, or trendy in anyway and don’t even help me make coffee in the morning.

When I wake up in the morning I am going to fumble in the dark until I find my Gratitude and Joy Glasses.

  • You are an amazing and valuable creature that deserves my respect and love.
  • Anything is possible with enough time, determination, and work.
  • I am doing my best and will be gentle with myself.
  • Life is a gift that will be opened and enjoyed every day.
  • Failure is an opportunity to do even better.
  • Love grows stale when you hoard it, so it will be given away.
  • Opportunities and potential are everywhere.
  • Laughter is the dessert of life, and its time to indulge!

Now these are some pretty awesome glasses that I feel fabulous wearing.

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  1. Beautiful Glasses you’re wearing TODAY!!!! #JoyAndGratitude I would like a pair JUST LIKE THEM!!! 😉 You are a WINNER, my Beautiful Friend!!! Enjoy your day!!! *Hugs*
    Dr. Mo

  2. Pretty awesome glasses. I have my time of gratitude first thing every morning, it’s quite amazing.

  3. LOVE the glasses! You look very sophisticated with them 🙂 I love your positive thoughts when you wear your Gratitude and Joy Glasses… I need a pair lol!

  4. 1) I love your glasses. And earrings!
    2) Dont let this consume who you really are!
    3) I just wanted to point out I read your blog every frgging day. It’s a ritual! So in case you were thinking again “why do I blog everyday..” 🙂

  5. I love those cute glasses, you are adorable! Thank you though, I feel the same way sometimes and get tired of the self hatred. We should be so proud of our accomplishments because there are some things we can’t control (medical problems for instance) and some we can. You do your absolute best at being 100% and I envy that. Love you!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Thanks Lisa, that means a lot. The love is mutual!! You do your best too, which I greatly admire about you.

  6. I love your glasses too! In fact, when I had to get reading glasses this year, I pictured your chic glasses & hoped I could pull off a fun pair too. 🙂 And thanks for the reminder to focus on the positive things in life. It’s so much easier to focus on the negative sometimes, and I’m thankful for your periodic reminders about the wonderful things in life.

  7. Tiffany Miller says

    I love your glasses, furthermore I would love to see someone wear glasses on stage. In the UFE one year a man wore glasses on stage. He looked so good and I could stop admiring his photos. Not only was his physique amazing, but I loved that he wore his glasses and wore them well. I’ll never forget that competitor because of his confidence and personality, the rest are competitors are just blur, flexing dudes in the same banana hammock 😛

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