Its A Love Hate Thing

I love training my arms….and if I can say myself,I have some pretty great biceps. Hah! Shoulders, chest, and heck, even on random days, training my back can be fun. But I hate, as in despise, training my core and legs.

Guess what? I have a muffin top named Gertrude and legs that greatly resemble popsicle sticks.

I may HATE training core and legs, but I love it too. I love results and change; I love saying goodbye to Gertrude and turning my popsicle sticks into tree trunks.

Here are the top 5 exercises I love to hate:

  1. Sumo Deadlifts
    I used to love these…until I learned how to do them correctly. I had NO IDEA that they were for your back. I thought they were for your legs. *rolls eyes* I used to use my hammies to pull that bar off the ground and boy would I work them hard! Once I started using the correct form I wanted to cry. OUCHIE!
  2. Kettle Bell Leg Extensions
    This is one of Mark’s inventions, I think in a previous life he used to be a master torturer…it’s the only thing that makes sense.  Take 2 kettle bells and hook them on your toes while lying on your back on a bench; knees hanging off the end. Then alternate extending them one leg at a time…kind of like you’re walking but laying on your back. Keep the leg that isn’t moving in an isometric hold at 180 degrees (flat). This severely increases the range of motion, intensity, and swearing.
  3. Run the Rack Leg Press
    Sean introduced me to this one. What you do is start with the hammer strength leg press with no weight on it. I think the starting weight is something like 208 pounds. Do 10 reps. Then throw a plate on; do 10 more reps without a break. throw another plate on; do 10 more reps. Keep doing this until your legs start flopping around like a fish out of water. Sweat will stream off your forehead and you will grunt like a crazy woman. Just turn the iPod up so you can’t hear yourself giving it all you’ve got.
  4. Segmented Ab Crunches
    Like I said, I have a muffin top and her name is Gertrude. We are officially on speaking terms, but I still want her to go away as much as possible. So I am focussing more on training my core, which means targeted exercises. Find one of those weird benches that you can tilt up and hook your feet on so you don’t slide off the end. Roll back until you feel your first set of abs and then crunch them until you starting praying for the fire alarm to go off. Then roll back a wee bit more until you find your next set of abs, repeat. And do it yet again. Sometimes I can’t even sit back up to get off the bench when I’m done. I have been known to slide down, head first, off the bench like a beached whale when I am done.
  5. Yo-Yo Side Laterals
    I like training my shoulders, but this is a bit epic. Grab a weight that you would normally do side laterals with; do 10 reps. Then drop the weight and do 10 more reps. Then grab the original heavy weight and do 6 more reps. Keeping perfect form while you do this takes all your determination and focus. Want to see some pump in your shoulders? Do 4 sets of this increasing weight each time! Pure insanity!

Hate the exercises, but love the results!

I am not alone with love loving and hating; check out what Alli, Kari, Tiffany, Dawn, Liz, Jennifer, Lisa, Ashley, and Colleen love to hate!

What exercises do you love to hate and why?

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  1. WOW these sound super intense!!!! I may have to try some next time I am at the gym!
    Great post 😉

  2. Have you tried High Pull Sumo Deadlifts? Those are fun as well! ; )

  3. Jon "married to the famous bikini or bust lady" Hoffman says

    Your 5 exercises are all so fancy & complicated! How about a quick picture of each one so they aren’t so abstract? It still is a very impressive list.

  4. Kettle bell leg extensions really sound like tourtue but I can shake this crazy feeling now to go to the gym and give it a try 😉

    I thought I was the only one who rolled on my head when I am done with the decline bench after abs…HA! Welcome me to that club!

  5. I love reading your blog. You’re too funny! Sliding off the decline bench like a beached whale! Hahaha!

    I love training shoulders, hammies and glutes! I will definitely have to try the yo yo side lats. Those definitely sound like something fun to hate! Thanks!!!

  6. Chrystal says

    I think you are amazing!!! You sure are inspiring me I got your blog from a sister of a friend of yours Raquel! Anyhow I have a very large muffintop as you say Gertrude is definitely a wonderful name I wish I could just stab it and it would squirt out but working out 6 days a week is slowly but surely helping me though I wish faster I have a trainer for 3 of those who is amazing and really awesome I made the best decision of my life to hire her and join my gym!!! Thank you for ur blog and ps I tried the black bean brownies personally I didn’t care for them however my boss came home and asked why I was making these yummy brownies when I’m trying to be healthy!!!!! Awesomeness!!!! Then I told her and she was impressed!!!!

  7. Sprinting. I always feel like I am going to throw up my heart, but I love it when I get done because I knew I did something very good for me.

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