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Faith Keith competed for the first time last weekend in the Ronnie Coleman Classic in Texas. She is the southern belle in our Bikini or Bust group. Her positive attitude, commitment to training and diet, and love of the sport never wavered. She set her sights high for her first competition and achieved all of her goals. Her cry has been ‘Top 5’ since she threw her hat in the ring and don’t you know she surpassed her goal and placed third!

Faith Keith - RCC

All her dedication, hard work and determination shows...as does her sweet spirit. Strong on the inside and out creates amazing results.

What did you learn about yourself from prepping for this show?

I learned that sometimes, even if I set out determined, it takes more than will power to stay on track.

Will power seems to be very over-rated. I had to learn tactics to evade moments of sabotage caused by ME.

Prepping for this show also magnified what I knew about myself – I love people!

I don’t like missing out on things that make life awesome – like grabbing my kid brother for a late night chat and maybe our traditional sis-bro gyro at the local Greek deli, or boiling crab and shrimp with my mom and sister and spending the afternoon peeling, eating and laughing, chatting for hours with my dad (with no constraints of time due to gym or sleep), and prep made me miss going out to eat with my husband on date night. Prep doesn’t have to completely control your life, but you have to be excellent at planning ahead. I missed the ability to say “hey, let’s go visit your family today” because before I said that I had to think “ok, how many meals do I need…” and “Hmm..I didn’t cook the chicken so we will barely have any time over there by the time its done and we drive all the way out there”.

Prep made me realize that optimal fitness is something I LOVE, but competing took away the essence.

My limits are only walls that are short enough to jump over.

What did you do that led to your success?

I did everything my trainer told me to do.

What was the hardest thing to overcome during prep?

The schedule – As it got closer I was waking up at 4am, going to bed early, prepping food, working out and working my full time job as VP! It was a lot of duties in a day which squelched my ability to invest in people (something I treasure most). I spent countless times trying to re-work my schedule to fit it all in and try to make time for my loved ones.  The sacrifices I had to make was something I never got over.

I just want to mention another “hardest thing” – mood! I worked very very very hard to monitor my mood.  Sometimes I could catch myself and realize that though my feelings were real, it did not mean I was being reasonable. I had MANY moments where I was very edgy.

How do you feel about the competition?

It was a BLAST!!! There were questions about my placing, but I am SO grateful to have placed at all on my first show and I do believe the judging was very fair. I know that there is an ideal physique and that they also are looking for the total package including personality. I have so much respect for the girls who placed higher than me, as well as the other girls who competed – everyone worked so hard and I felt so privileged to be on stage with them! LOVED the stage!!!

Life is meant to be lived to the full! Love the stage of life that you find yourself on!

What was your first ‘bad for you’ food that you ate when you were done?

Baked Wheat Thins: Garden Valley! Yummm and about 30oz of water!! haha!!  I tried really hard to binge when I got home but after 1.5 pizza slices I totally keeled over in pain and had to be carried to bed *le sigh* – can’t say I didn’t try! I later found out my husband said, “ah, my wife, she does everything 120% even overeat”

What wouldn’t you change?

Everything! I would not change a thing (except for my schedule)! I love clean eating and training hard. I loved going at it with excitement and perseverance! I need sleep, more time with my family and friends, and a relaxed morning so I can enjoy spending un-rushed time in the Bible – that I would change for the better!

Can’t wait to see what she does next! You can follow her journey on her blog or chat with her on Twitter; I highly recommend doing both!

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  1. Tiffany Miller says

    shout out to Faith! Woot! Woot!

  2. Oh, thank you for your sweet words! The Bikini or Bust group has been the best support a girl could ask for!! You guys cheered me on from day one and I felt your presence all day long on my comp day. I never felt alone back stage because you guys were tweeting up a storm. You guys are amazing!! I certainly could NOT have achieved my goals without the incredible support of Bikini or Bust gals! Thanks for believing in me Donloree!! And thank you Bikini or Bust girls!!! The trophy should have y’all’s names engraved up and down it! Thank you!!!

  3. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Congratulations, Faith! I’m so impressed by your hard work and how you presented yourself on stage. Prep is challenging, but you stuck it out and rock the stage. Great job!!

  4. Ah Faith- the whole package. Beautiful, sweet, hard working, go-getter! She deserved that and more, I’m so proud and super impressed. Love ya girl!!

  5. You my lil lady have a heart bigger than Texas and them some! So proud of you xx

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