Thrive Or Survive?

Are you going to just eek by in life or put your roots down and demand that you grow despite circumstance?

Thrive or survive?

Surviving seems like it would be more fun, after all there really isn’t much work involved. But barely making it through life isn’t fun; you constantly battle self doubt, trials, tribulations, and obstacles and rarely, if ever, overcome them. Just surviving in life yields very little reward.

Thriving takes work, but the pay off is amazing. In order to thrive you have to work hard when no one is looking. During the dark, hard, and lonely moments you dig deep inside of yourself and choose life, joy, discipline, and self love. You constantly battle self doubt, trials, tribulations, and obstacles; but you overcome them. In fact, you start to leap right over and past them.

Its easy to look at someone that ‘has it all‘ and think they have it easy; that life was handed to them on a silver platter which explains their success.

I daresay that no one has it easy in life.

Lisa shared an article about pro competitor Jodi Lynn, on her blog and it reminded me that you can’t tell what someone’s overcome by their outside. Each woman, competitor, and person in this world is amazing and has worked very hard for all of their accomplishments in life.

Read Jodi’s story and you will also be reminded that absolutely anything is possible and that thriving is always an option.

Let’s not allow room in our hearts for jealousy; merely love, admiration, and respect.

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  1. I always remind myself of that- we do not know what someone else has been through. Looking at this gorgeous woman would you think she had gone through what she did? Or had the thoughts she did when she was younger? We all have our own personal battles and struggles. It’s those who overcome those battles like that that I am completely inspired by!!

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