I Am A Bodybuilder

There is no certificate that gets mailed to you that officially deems you a bodybuilder. There isn’t a magic line that you cross one day to be welcomed into an elite group know as ‘The Bodybuilders‘ complete with secret handshake.

So when do you arrive? When do you get to be a ‘bodybuilder‘?

When you embrace it and live it out.

More than just stepping on a stage, it is a way of being. It is knowing that you are worth fighting for, that you have something unique to give to the world, and that emotional, mental, and physical health are intrinsically tied together.

Becoming something isn’t a cognitive decision that you decide one day and its done. It takes discipline and dedication to manage your choice every single day of your life.

Define what it is for yourself, otherwise you will spend a lifetime letting others define you.

Oh, and if you do create an elite group complete with secret handshake, let me know…I love being part of a fabulous and elite clubs!

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  1. Robyn Homans says

    God, I love you! Thank you for writing this. I. AM. A. BODYBUILDER.

  2. Tiffany Miller says

    dare I say, I am a fitness model.

  3. michelle says

    I am a competitor in the making!

  4. I think whatever you are is a mindset, and the tag name just makes it easier for people to find each other when they have the same mindset. because you’re definitely not JUST a bodybuilder, you’re unique from every other bodybuilder, but you have the lifestyle, goals and passions like others with similar goals. Keep up inspiring!

  5. something fun:

    what I really liked:
    ““If it’s not making me faster or stronger I don’t need it. Does it make me better? Does it make me better tomorrow?””

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