Who’s Your Yoda?

Training to be a natural athlete and competing in Bikini, Figure, Fitness, or Bodybuilding is rarely done alone. A team of people comes alongside of you to help, train, and support you in your journey.

A critical person on your team is your trainer and / or coach. I am blessed beyond measure to work with two amazing coaches.

I work with Dr. Joe Klemczewski and his team for nutrition and training plans. Everything is designed specifically for me and changes as my body responds or doesn’t respond so I meet my goals and am healthy while I do it.

I also work with Mark, owner of Marked Improvement, for a weekly arse kicking that cannot be matched. He ensures that I am learning and using the best form possible, pushing myself past what I thought I was capable of, and am fixing the ‘broken‘ areas of my body like my right hip and shoulder that rarely do as they are told.

A fantastic coach can yield fantastic results in your training and life.

How do you find a coach to work with?

Many people start working with the first coach that they talk with, but it may not be the best coach for them. You need to build a long term relationship with someone that understands who you are, what your goals are, and has the tools to get you there. Take your time to ensure you find the coach perfectly suited for you.

Here is what I think makes a great coach:

Proven Track Record

  • Other people that you respect in bodybuilding refer them to you
  • Their reputation proceeds them
  • They have trained other highly successful athletes
  • Well educated and specially trained in nutrition, personal training, and / or bodybuilding

You Focussed

  • They create a customized plan just for you based on your current physique, goals, and capabilities
  • While training you the building could start on fire and they may or may not notice; you are all that matters for the hour
  • As you change, they change how they work with you
  • They talk about you and how to improve your form and development rather than their date from the previous night

Professional and Trustworthy

  • Always treats you, the people around them, and their coworkers with respect
  • Nothing phases them…not even the muffin top
  • Have answers to your questions and don’t put you off if they don’t know the answer
  • Help you become healthy instead of ‘thinner’

Stubborn as a Mule

  • They don’t give up on you even when you do
  • The high standard and goals you are aiming for are not compromised on
  • Pushing you to eek out the last rep or stick to the plan is their focus and they will ensure you do it because it is what you need

It is critical that you design a relationship with your  coach that can change and grow as you change and grow.

This person is your Yoda.

When they say ‘Use the Force!” you will want to be able to do so without question. They are going to see you at your absolute worst; when you emotionally eat, give up on the plan and yourself, have nothing left after an epic set, and have mental freak outs about the whole thing.

A fantastic coach sees past all of these things and see you for who you actually are and will not let you live up to less than that.

My Yodas do just that and more.

Who’s your Yoda? If you are missing a Yoda, I suggest you start looking for one today; they are invaluable.

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  1. Fitness blog writers have become my Yoda. So that makes you one of them!:) I also have to keep a positive outlook and attitude in order to get out of ruts. Although I don’t have my own blog, I do get comfort from the writing of fitness blog writers as they wade through their journeys that are similar to mine. Write on Donloree!

  2. Lyenna Kemp says

    I have somehow stumbled onto your blog and I am so grateful I did! No one fully understands my drive for fitness, but as I’ve read your blog and others that you have listed, I realized that there is a whole world of people just like me. The idea of competing in this way terrifies me and excites me. There is this fear of not knowing if I actually have what it takes. I am a bit of an emotional eater, and while most of the time I am on my A game if I give in just a little to the temptation I fall completely off the wagon and have to climb back on. Sometimes it’s quick, but other times it takes too long. Your words and your journey have truly inspired me. I need to find my Yoda. Someone who TRULY fits the description above. Where would I even begin???

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