Lifting Heavy

Peering through the cable machines, I see a very determined man yanking down on the lat pull down machine with every ounce of of oomph he could muster He is nearly apoplectic as he uses every muscle in his body to move the 150 pounds down to his chest. If I wasn’t sure of the effort he was expending by looking at him, the huffing and grunting that could be heard over Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance playing on my ipod was a sure sign.

Upon finishing his set, he springs off the bench and struts around like a peacock; proud and sure. Then with haughty distain in his eyes, he watches me do my girly, but perfectly executed lat pull downs.

I used to be concerned about the weight that I was moving; very concerned.

I made sure that I always was lifting as heavy as possible. I wanted to be impressive. I wanted people to take notice. I wanted to be a big deal.

And I was, but only for that tiny moment in time while I lifted. My physique never reflected the amount of weight I was able to move.

Then I changed my focus.

Form and who I am while I lift is what I worry about now; and the muscles are starting to grown. Heck, apparently I have distracting biceps!. What woman doesn’t want distracting biceps?!

Once I started focussing on who I am rather than what I do, I started to get results. Both in the gym and in life.

Do you want to be impressive for a few seconds or grow to be someone who is impressive all of the time?

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  1. So true!! Great article!! Love your take. In life, people take for granted the quality of things and tend to focus on the quantity!! Glad you are going for quality!! I know it’ll show on that stage one day!

  2. What a great post.. You always have such great insight!

  3. I find myself in this state when I realize that I’m smiling through my workout. Not because it’s not hard, as I try to lift heavy as possible, but I’m now free to enjoy what I’m doing and the purpose that I see in it (there’s a reason I’m there and not somewhere else). It’s not like I’m always grinning, but I’ve found myself a lot happier lately since I can really feel what my mind and body are doing in response to the weight, without the additional weight of worry (from what others might think).

    In my mind, if people stare, or care, then they are fighting the same battle of looking within. And all I can do to help them is by living my own journey of living within, and hope that they pick up the idea themselves after they see how rewarding it is.

  4. sometimes quality outweighs quantity,you know?
    GREAT insight!
    totally on the same page!

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