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When you encounter a woman that can do anything she puts her mind to doing, you rarely walk away the same. Lisa is just one of those women. She isn’t just a Bikini Competitor; she is a mom and wife, works full time, is in the army, a fabulous friend, and a true champion. The Bikini Or Bust Competitors have been blessed time and time again by her fiery spirit and gift of encouragement.

8 days ago Lisa took the bodybuilding stage by storm and competed for the second time.

If you’ve ever contemplated competing and find yourself with a handful of excuses, after getting to know Lisa you will see that that the only reason to not compete is because you don’t want to.

If you want it, you can have it; just ask Lisa!

Lisa - Before and After

How do you say 'Inspiring'?

What did you learn about yourself from prepping for this show?

I learned that prep gets easier with each show you do! I love prep because it keeps me motivated, focused, and working towards that goal. I can say I pushed it hard every single time I was in that gym, and I loved every second of it. My food was on for the most part, but I did have my slip ups here and there. That’s one thing I will need to work on. I also learned that I have SO much support it’s unreal. Besides my awesome husband and family, my friends were so much more supportive than I realized, even once I haven’t talked to in such a long time. It’s really eye opening and humbling.

Lisa backstage

The prep is done and she is ready to go kick some bikini butt!

What did you do that led to your success?

I believed in myself and trusted myself to take me to the place I wanted to be. I tried not to stress about too much or stress about things out of my control.

What was the hardest thing to overcome during prep?

Chicken! =) Okay, chicken was okay, but definitely the diet for me. I missed my sweets! After a certain point during prep, I cut myself off from friends and going out because honestly, I was starting to get cranky and at times a little snippy with people. I think that was better for everyone!

How do you feel about the competition?

My bikini or bust girls know how I feel! I feel really proud of myself. I felt great that day and on stage and I did honestly look the best I ever had. I really put in some hard work and effort to bring the best me out that day. I have issues with my body that I need to figure out before I will compete again. It’s difficult to compete with 20 somethings who have had plastic surgery and have no stretch marks and haven’t done the amount of damage to their bodies as I did mine! So for me, I looked awesome, but I didn’t come near some of those girls who just looked phenominal!

Lisa on stage

Sassy, confident, and inspirational. Her huge heart is obvious to all that encounter her.


What was your first ‘bad for you’ food that you ate when you were done?

Went to the Olive Garden for dinner! Nuff said… =)

What wouldn’t you change?

My hard work and dedication. I really wouldn’t change anything, it was a great weekend and a fun day for me and my family! Overall this was a good experience for me. My first show back in October was just kind of a “feeler” to see what I thought about competing and if I would even like doing it again. That show was the first OCB bikini competition and this show was the second. I think they are still learning and need to do a bit more research about how to judge bikini girls. IF I do compete in the future, I may switch over to figure. I seem to gain muscle pretty well, especially in my upper body. I do have to say the promoters for this show were just awesome, Joel and Justin Napolitano (Phenom Labs). This was their second Green Mountain Thaw compitition and it doubled in size from last year. They are big names in OCB in the New England states. They were both very personable and helpful with everyone, I really appreciated that. I also have to say it was so great going through this with my friend LIndsay. She was a total lifesaver! We leaned on eachother all the time. We complained (so we both knew we weren’t alone!) and cheered when we had successes. We had eachothers backs and lifted eachother when we were down. We pushed eachother when we didn’t want to do things or eat certain things. It was so nice! Love that girl.

Lisa and Lindsay

Fabulous friends makes the journey so much easier.

I am SO excited to watch all of these other BOB girls compete. They are each inspirational in their own ways and each of them have their own stories. They are all just awesome ladies that I am so honored to know each of them and be a part of such a great group. GO LADIES!!!

Keep up with Lisa on her blog to see what she’s up to next! All I know is that she will take over the world wherever she goes!

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  1. Truly inspiring, Lisa!!

  2. You’re my hero, Lisa!

  3. Go Lisa!!! 🙂


  4. I draw so much from Lisa….it is one of the reasons I am trying to compete!

  5. You guys rock!! Love the blog world, everyone is so great.

  6. Awesome story… shows how anything can be done when you put your mind to it!!! Such a great article I referenced it in my weekly blog update!! Love it! Thanks!

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