The moment you stand on a stage at a competition, you’ve accomplished something that 99% of the world will never do. The amount of courage, discipline, and focus it takes to get there and be able to stand with pride is plain amazing.

Your T-walk is done with the utmost of confidence. Then you are compared side by side with some of the most fabulous women you have met to date. All of your mental focus goes to sucking in your stomach, flexing all of your muscles, contorting your body into the ‘relaxed’ position, smiling, and trying to appear like standing in 5 inch heels and a glued on suit is a complete breeze.

In this moment you have arrived and nothing can stop you.

After much shuffling between women and quarter turning to the right, the judges come to their conclusions.

They always start with the woman that placed last. This is one of those times when you do not want to hear your name called for a really, really long time.

Unfortunately, I heard my name right away.

”In last place, Donloree Hoffman.

I stumbled when I went to get my congratulatory medal for competing and it wasn’t because of the 5 inch heels. The pronouncement caused me to start tumbling into a dark ravine from my glorious mountain top.

Standing there graciously and not crying while every other woman placed better than me was one of the hardest thing I have ever done.

My heart was crying out for justice. I had come through absolute fire both mentally and physically to stand on the stage! Wasn’t that obvious?

Doesn’t that deserve first place?

Yes, yes it does. But it doesn’t deserve first place in the show; it deserves first place in life. When I walked on that stage, that is exactly what I got; first place in my life.

It hurt to get last place. My whole heart was on the stage for the world to see and someone decided it deserved last place.

The judges are required to make a judgement about you based on your physique compared to the other women on the stage.

You are required to know who you are compared to who you used to be when you walk on the stage.

After a small tumble, I stood up and brushed myself off. It was time to go again and live with my last place ranking and my head held high.

Donloree Figure Competition

This is just the beginning!

Live out who you are like a pro. Others may or may not give you a first place title, but you won’t need it because you already know who you are.

You are absolutely a winner.

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  1. Love this post. And love that pic of you! 🙂

  2. holdaholdaholda…when was this and when are you competing again? 🙂

    • bikiniorbust says

      This was my first competition in October 2010. I was slated to be competing again on April 9th, but due to all the health ridiculousness it is a no go. I am aiming to compete again in October 2011…and aiming to kick some butt! 🙂

  3. and yes you are totally a winner!!! Look at you!!! You look great. Very brave, I don’t know if I will ever have the guts, but you again encouraged me to take the chance …
    Lovely post.

    • bikiniorbust says

      You don’t have to have the guts when you first start training. I was scared out of my mind, but you get the guts as you go along. I promise. 😀

  4. Thank you for this =)

  5. Tiffany Miller says

    You are a winner in all of our eyes! I can’t wait to train along with you for October.

  6. I love that you exercise your life muscles on such a regular basis. Just remember, they can get tired out just like real muscles, too! : )

  7. You look amazing, Donloree. No need to hang your head. You know you worked hard and the reward was having the courage to stand in front of many, bearing all. Placing is just icing on the cake. You have done what many wish they could do. I’m sure it’s hard to get past that, but you are a superwoman-strong-minded person. Don’t think in terms of being compared to the others, but becoming better, both body and mind with each competition. Keep being the best “you” you can be.

    • bikiniorbust says

      Yes, this sport is such a journey of self and learning about who you are. It’s incredibly exhilarating, hard, rewarding, and intense; love it. I would love to have some icing next time I compete though! 😉 Thanks for the support.

  8. Let me just say, from a guy’s perspective that you are infinitely sexier than every woman that ranked higher. Congratulations on being brave and going for your dream and inspiring others along the way. That’s what it’s all about.

  9. Just want to say “Thank You” for posting this! I, too, competed in my first figure competition in May 2011 – this was after a 100lb weight loss – I felt like I had first place in my hands…until I took LAST PLACE, that is!! LOL!! Your description of your emotions when your name was called first was spot on. I never stopped to consider that I’d already placed first in my life…so thank you for the priceless advice! I’m competing again in 3 weeks – not sure if I’ll do better, but I’m going to do MY best…we’ll see where that ranks amongst the others. This time, I’ll remember that I’m already 1st, to me 🙂 Thanks again!!

    • YES! You are such a winner and I am so proud of you! Go be amazing and get your first place ranking in your life. So proud of you!! I want to hear how it goes. Woot!!

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