Competitor’s Must Pack List

Before I became a Figure Competitor, I used to worry about how many pairs of shoes I could cram into my suitcase when I traveled. I have been known to bring more pairs of shoes than amount of days I am gone. You never know when you may want to wear your 4 inch fuchsia Betsy Johnson heels!

Now I almost forget to pack cute shoes.

I have new priorities and spend days prior to any trip making lists of the things I MUST NOT forget to bring along with me. Meals are planned out for each day and prepped so that I can eat clean and according to my high maintenance needs at any given moment.

Kitchen of a competitor

I start cluttering my kitchen counter with things to bring days before its time to leave. My OCD takes over in a big way!

I think competitors are the only ones that pack these things for a weekend in the mountains.

  • Ziploc containers
  • Food scale
  • Glutamine
  • Frozen pre-cooked chicken
  • One suitcase just for supplements
  • 6 flavors of Mrs. Dash
  • Nut butter
  • Food journal
  • Workout plans
  • Foam roller
  • Exercise bands
  • Scale
  • Indoor AND outdoor runners

I was so focussed on all the competitor-esque things to bring along that I forgot my fabulous bright pink boots!

Bright pink winter boots

I did forget the cute shoes! Darn!!

My feet may freeze all weekend, but my muffin top is not going to grow!

What is on your ‘Must Pack List‘ that others think is sttrange?

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