Be A Hero, Believe In Someone

Years ago when I wore boxy plus sized clothes and hated chairs with arms on them because they squished my fat rolls, I worked with a thin, fit, and determined woman named Tara. She was everything I wasn’t, but wanted to be; healthy, in shape, thin, energetic, and able to cook and prepare healthy meals every day.

I secretly admired her.

One day in passing I mentioned that I would like to start working out.  She grabbed onto the idea like a barracuda. Before I knew what was happening, I had a membership for the gym in the building and we were working out together at lunch. The workouts were marked by me pouring sweat and praying for small miracles like air after only 5 minutes of walking on a treadmill at 3 mph.I never wanted to go to the gym at lunch and always fervently prayed that she would somehow forget that we were supposed to go.

She never forgot.

Everyday without fail at 11:45 she would turn to me with excitement in her eyes and tell me it was gym time. Inwardly I cringed, but grabbed my workout gear and followed with resignation and a bit of terror.

I hated it and loved it all at the same time.  It was embarrassing to reveal my fat rolls and cottage cheese legs to fellow coworkers over the lunch hour.  I went to a happy, thin place in my head and pretended like I didn’t sit two cubicles down from the man on the elliptical and just gave it my all.  After the daily near death experience, I sat at my desk eating my lunch with a beet red face that didn’t return to its normal color for nearly two hours.

Let’s just say it was not pretty.

No one said the journey is easy, but you find joy and accomplishment when you overcome the obstacles in life. Everyone picks a destination to work towards in life, but arriving is merely a by-product of the journey.  If all you ever did was arrive in life you would just stand around wondering what’s next.

Who wants to spend their life just standing around and wondering?

While on my fitness journey, there have been embarrassing moments, dark moments, and exhilarating moments.  From every experience I have learned something new about myself and what a woman can actually do if she gives it her all.

The richest lesson I have learned so far is that life is the journey and that it is most powerful when shared with others. Tara looked past my layers upon layers of fat and saw my potential. She was brave and believed in me when I wasn’t able. She was my hero when I didn’t even know I needed one.

Share your life and your journey with someone and I promise you will be a hero. Even though you don’t have a cape, you will give someone else the ability to fly.

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  1. What a great post!!! My best friend and I joined a running 101 class tomorrow. Both of us have been teetering on the fence of fitness but have always made excuses. I took the plunge first and registered and dragged her down with me. Hopefully we’ll be each other’s heroes. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Great post! Was wondering, do you keep a workout journal and/or eating journal? What goes in it?

    • bikiniorbust says

      Yes, I have journals and tracking things that I use everyday. I shall do a post just for you! 🙂

  3. As crazy as it’s going to sound, YOU became my hero after contacting you on Twitter a few days ago. I’m glad I searched the Hashimoto hashtag that night, where I found a link to your tweet, and to your profile and page.
    You inspired me to get off my fat ass and go out there, and I will. Gym, here I come!

    • bikiniorbust says

      That is so sweet of you to say! Thank you. Gym and life here you come!! Keep me posted on how it goes!!

  4. This may be my fav post yet DL .. xx

  5. Beautifully written, and wonderfully inspiring, Donloree.



  6. I love that quote “Share your life and your journey with someone and I promise you will be a hero. Even though you don’t have a cape, you will give someone else the ability to fly.” … hope you don’t mind if I use it sometime in life… you are an amazing person!

  7. Yes, love this! I totally agree. You ladies in BOB are totally my heros. Chasing their dreams of competing and not letting anything get in their way. I love it. You have created an awesome group!!

  8. I love this post. I was just talking with my trainer last night about how I’ve been getting literally bombarded with texts, calls, emails, Twitter messages/DMs, FB messages, etc asking me what I’ve done, how I did it and more importantly, can I help/share info/lend a hand. I was flattered by the requests and have tried my best but was feeling unworthy to be honest. And a little overwhelmed as well. Reading this solidified that just as so many have supported me both directly and indirectly, I can do the same for the people reaching out a hand and wanting to change. I owe it to them and I owe it to myself. Love you Donloree, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re certainly a hero to me 🙂 xoxox

    • bikiniorbust says

      Thank you Carrie! There is no doubt in my mind that you are a hero to many, many people. Keep being you and fabulous and you will continue to change the world.

  9. Incredible post! It inspired me to write about my hero!!!



  10. Beautiful and inspirational post!

  11. Love it! I love hearing about people who were fitnevanglized! For me, something just snapped in my brain and I was done being fat. And I was done. All of a sudden I was just eating what I knew I should and working out everyday. I love that you had someone pushing you! It is so much easier when you have people on your side. 🙂

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