Completely Shameless

On competition day competitors find themselves standing on a stage pretty much naked except for a rather small bedazzled suit that has been literally glued to their body, a few coats of spray tan, five inch clear heels, and more confidence than they ever knew they had.

They are shameless; completely proud of who they are on the inside and out.

This confidence doesn’t come over night. We practice it almost every day of our lives. Training for a competition grows your ‘shameless‘ muscle, just ask the Bikini or Bust women.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve done while training for a contest?

  • Woken up at 2 am to get a workout in before taking a flight. – Michelle
  • Excused myself for a few minutes from a kids birthday party so I could eat my Greek yogurt and cinnamon in the privacy of a bathroom stall. – Susan
  • Put my bedazzled suit and stripper shoes in my purse and practiced posing in my sister in law’s washroom on Thanksgiving day. I was in there for 45 minutes. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do… – Donloree
  • On days that I waitress if it’s time to eat I run out back of the restaurant by the dumpsters, scarf my food, check my teeth and and go back to my tables. We don’t have a break room so that’s the best place where no one will see me! – Nicole
  • Took a bite of my hubby’s protein bar, just to have a bite and then put back in the box. – Lisa
  • Pack either a sandwich or extra yogurt so those with me can eat too. – Liz
  • Inadvertently ate frozen oatbran because I forgot to reheat it and didnt have time so I ate it frozen with eggwhites and blueberries. – Michelle
  • Dropped my on one and only rice cake slathered with crack, ahem almond butter, face down onto the nasty grimey floor. I picked the thing up and ate it like a champ. Three second rule! – Lisa
  • Dropped a couple of whole chicken breasts on my not so clean floor and then merely brushed them off and put them in the container! – Chantelle
    Pulled the car over once, to find a single almond that I dropped between the seat. Found that damn almond and ate it off the filthy floor of my car. – Susan

I think Lisa summed it up best when she said, “That’s awesome. We are awesome. We have no shame.


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  1. I really enjoy the way you write, Donloree. It’s fun to “listen” to you competitors. You’re my kinda crazy, only….crazier. LOL

  2. Hehehe, I love it!

  3. Is it weird that I totally identify with every single one of you ladies? 😀 No shame here either!

  4. Cooked and froze chicken to bring on the plane to use as a freeze pack.. then let thaw in my friend’s fridge and ate on it the next 4 days while visiting her.

    • bikiniorbust says

      This is TOTALLY what I did over Christmas at my mother in law’s. I brought a week’s worth of chicken and 2 coscto bags full of veggies. Hilarious!

  5. I have brought liquid egg whites in my purse and mixed it with Diet Coke while out at the bar for my friend’s Bachelorette party.

    I worry more about packing my meals then packing my clothes on away trips.

    EVERY gram of food counts! No crumb left behind.

    I’ve attempted to “warm up” my tuna and rice on my heated car seats. FAIL….lol.

    • bikiniorbust says

      I totally worry about food more than clothes when traveling too! 🙂
      I have never tried to warm up food on the seat of a car though – you get the prize for that!

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