Incredible Intention

“The things that matter most in life take incredible intention.”

– Rob Bell

A Figure Heart Cry

I choose to be strong in my spirit, heart, and body.

My intentions are focussed.

  • The path is narrow.
  • The travellers are few.
  • The journey is long.

I choose to be a champion.

My intentions are pure.

  • The trophy is self confidence.
  • The the audience is life.
  • The competition is refining.

I choose to be incredibly me.

My intentions are unwavering.

  • The dream is reality.
  • The hope is here.
  • The impact is breathtaking.

I am a Figure Competitor.

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  1. Beautiful. I may print this out and hang it up at work so I read it several times a day. Thanks for sharing!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Thank you Kari. If you print it out, let me know. I will consider this my first piece of published work then! 🙂

  2. Thanks DL for sharing. It’s hard to maintain a focused, positive, uplifting when in the midst of frustration, but your words are true.

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