Dieting is not forever

An ancient form of torture used by Mongolian Warriors is being inflicted on me every day of my life.

No, I am not being stretched on the rack.

Nope, not the bed of nails either.

Carb cycling.

Yup, you heard correctly. Carb cycling.

Here’s how the torture works:

First you feed your captive a lot if tasty carbs. A lot! I’m not talking like a piece of bread and a bowl of rice…LOTS of carbs…and all in one day. They are required to eat it ALL, not matter how much they are suffering from the food sweats.

Then the next few days they get very little carbs, and the ones they get are anything but tasty. Bread, rice, quinoa, fruit…these are things of days past.

Then repeat, repeat, and repeat.

Sheer mental fortitude is required in order to not chew an arm off on low carb days.

I still have two arms, but just barely.

Carb cycling and I have a love / hate relationship. I LOVE the fact that I get to eat more food and haven’t gained weight, but HATE contemplating the what the effects of eating the wall in between the office and the living room would have on the stability of the house.

Why am I doing this you ask?

Joe is helping me rebuild my metabolism. The amount of food I was eating previously was not a long term solution for anyone, let alone a Figure Competitor! A woman needs way more food in her life is she is going to go kill it at the gym every day. I trust Joe implicitly, but I still want to chew my arm off some days.

Thus the torture.

I was reminded to look past my current circumstances today. Dieting is NOT forever.

If you stop and look past the icky, dirty, and melting snow, off in the distance you can see a glorious sunrise.

Edmonton Snowy Sunset

A promise of a brighter tomorrow and fantabulous things to come!

Today I may be waist deep in the dirty ice and snow trying desperately to not chew off one of my arms, but tomorrow is filled with a bright and beautiful hope of things to come.

Have you stopped lately to take a look to see what’s on your horizon? I bet its a glorious sunrise!

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  1. You’re right, it IS torture but it’s not forever. I think Joe will be so great for you. I agree, you need more food, especially with how hard you are working in the gym. Fuel the machine, right? I’m excited to see how things go with him!

  2. Tiffany Miller says

    I would not be able to do this if there weren’t a big frosted cupcake at the end! Then when I’m done rein-acting the Meg Ryan orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally I get back on the horse.

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