Who Doesn’t Love A Power Rack?

My first foray into gym adventures was kept to ‘safe‘ activities. I will admit it, I was a Cardio Queen.

I was scared out of my mind of the weights area filled with buff men and the lone woman that looked like she could rip me in two with her bare hands.

My goals at that point were to fit into a dress size that was only one digit in length and get rid of my back fat.

I embodied the cardio equipment.

Then I’ arrived‘ one day; I was wearing size 8 pants and needed a new goal.

So restrictive...only one focus and rather boring!

I am not longer a Cardio Queen. I do the least amount of cardio that I can get away with. I would way rather be lifting something heavy and scaring the men in the weight area.

This morning I wondered what piece of equipment I embody now.

Immediately I wished that I was the cable machines.

You get to feel like a big deal when you use these. The whole gym stops to watch!

They are so much fun and everyone likes using them .  Whenever someone trains with them people stop and take notice, but that really isn’t me.

The leg press. Yes, this MUST be it. I am an extremely hard worker and can take a lot. I live my life 5 plates a side for sure…but that is not who I am, it is merely something I do.

Leg Press

Doing good old fashioned WORK.

Then it came to me – the power rack.

It is tucked away in the corner and most people have no idea what to do with it, but it is more powerful than you think at first glance.

Power Rack

An odd piece of equipment for sure! But once you give it a go you'll never think it odd again.

This is me. I am the odd piece of equipment that is no nonsense, all about hard work, and sometimes overlooked. But who doesn’t love a power rack? 🙂

What are you?

Looking around at the gym this morning, I realized that many people are dumbbells.


Oh the potential! It is just sitting there and not being used.

Untapped potential just waiting to be used.

Stop waiting to be used, go out and make it happen!

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Melanie Robinson says

    DL, just read the article in lazy-faire. So wonderful! You seriously rock and I am honored to have you in my life!

  2. I really love to read your blogs. it’s like you are speaking out of my mind.
    I think I am the cable machine :), I like it when people stop to watch and come and talk as I never talk to anybody at the gym and look always fully concentrated and people are afraid to come up to me (which is not that bad, as I hate to be interrupted :)) to talk.
    wish I had some girls around with the same passion near by ..
    best wishes from Istanbul

    • bikiniorbust says

      Awesome! I am so glad to meet a ‘cable machine’! 🙂 I also hate being interrupted while I am working out! I came to work out, not chit chat!
      If you lived in Edmonton we would so be meeting for coffee!! It is good to know that you aren’t alone and not completely strange – there are tons of us out there just like you! Keep up the fabulous work in Instanbul! Woot!

  3. Tiffany Miller says

    Are you seriously pressing 5 plates! That’s amazing! I’m so proud of my three! I love the cables, but my personal favourite is the leg press and back squats. Even with my much lighter weights than yours I’m still the heaviest lifting gal in my gym (well natural one anyway, there is one lady with an Adam’s apple that has some steroid assistance 😛 )

    • bikiniorbust says

      Ooh, the adam’s apple never looks good on a woman! Last time I ‘ran the rack’ on the leg press I got up to 5 plates. BUT it doesn’t really matter how much weight you move, it matters how you move! Form is critical to muscle growth! I am just learning this. I now lift lighter with better form and am starting to see some fabulous results.

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