I’m sick of lemonade!

When life gives you lemons….well you know the rest.

I keep getting lemons delivered to my doorstep. Lemonade for EVERYONE!

Anyone want to stop by for a refreshing and tangy drink?

I’m officially sick of lemonade; nonetheless I am going to be thankful that I have it today.

And eventually the excessive blinking and shaking of my head will subside.

Choosing to be grateful is the best choice, even if it means drinking more lemonade.

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  1. michelle says

    Mr Fisher is officially a flake. I am so sorry you’re going through this. If you were here i’d give you a huge hug and a huge coffee to cheer you up 🙂

    • bikiniorbust says

      i appreciate the virtual hug and coffee! Makes me feel way better.
      Oh…and can you kick the doctor in the knee for me too? 😉

  2. I’m SO sorry to hear this happened, Donloree. I agree – it’s definitely NOT ok, and it sucks that your health has to be put on hold because the specialist decided to take a vacation. Keep focusing on the positive – you’ve still got the “backup” appointment. *hugs

    • bikiniorbust says

      Thanks Kari! I will choose to be ok with this. Small set back, but we’ve got this thing! Just keep up the healthy eating, workouts, and rest and before you know it the back up appointment will be here!

  3. The amount that happens with specialists is INSANE.
    You’d think if you had a 4 month waiting list you’d book your schedule 4 months out, 6 months you’d book 6 months out.

    We shoot for backup appointments too.

    • bikiniorbust says

      Agreed. I have to wait FOREVER, but you can bail on me with 6 days notice. Ummm…ok? NO. And if you have to bail, maybe fit me in later the same week, stay late, or something!

  4. That just stinks, I’m sorry. You are so smart to keep that second appoitnment though, good for you. It’s funny how you can be disregarded like that. Just think of the others who had appointments the same day as you are feeling too, I’m sure they are not happy and probably not taking things the way you are either. They are probably choosing to be upset! Oh, and 31 pills a day? God Bless ya =)

  5. I see your cup of lemonade and I raise you one. More PHN drama for me and the baby. I talked to my rocking doctor (today) who is appropriately concerned and supportive and she said not to stress. But I had my fill of “supportive” nurses that well, just aren’t supportive so I called AHS and told them so!

  6. Yikes. Sorry to hear this. So frustrating. But don’t lose that hope in your heart.

    • bikiniorbust says

      I feel much better today. I was officially mad for 3 hours yesterday but then realized that it was not beneficial at all. So I just got over it and it will all come to be eventually! 🙂

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