True Arse Kicking

I am struggling with kleptomaniac-esque thoughts towards wheelchairs.

Walking is done tentatively and avoided as much as possible.

Stairs are not an option. If there isn’t an elevator I will not be going up to the next floor.

I dropped a $20 bill on the ground at the grocery store and contemplated if I should pick it up or not.

What is my problem, you ask?

It was leg day today and they are already seizing.

I trained for the first time with a fabulous man named Mark Campbell. At moment, my legs tell me that I hate him a just wee bit, ok let’s be honest, a lot. In actuality, I absolutely adore him.

To have someone see your strengths and weaknesses without judgement and then call out your greatness is a gift.

Today I was given the gift of surprise.

I was surprised at what I was able to do, what I could accomplish, and how strong I actually am. I wouldn’t have received this gift if I didn’t admit that I need help and haven’t arrived yet.

Life must be done together.

This is why I love being a Wellness Coach. I get to do life with people. I get to push them past what they thought was possible for their lives and watch them be astounded at how fabulous, strong, and talented they are. I get to surprise them.

I haven’t always been strong emotionally and physically, it has been a long journey to get to where I am today and I still have places to go!  A snippet of my story was featured in the University of Alberta’s School of Business magazine – Lazy Faire today on page 14. Feel free to take a gander and remember that you can overcome whatever obstacles are in your path. You are worth fighting for!

But whatever you do today, choose to do life with someone else. Admit you need help, let yourself be fully seen, and then receive the gift of surprise when you experience how great you actually are.

I truly believe in you. Truly.

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  1. Awesome article, chica! Congratulations!! Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re making such a positive impact in the lives of others, just by being yourself.

  2. Tiffany Miller says

    Revel in the pain Donloree! It’s sore, but it’s sore because you worked hard for it. I love muscle soreness. Yeah it aches, but when I work out and don’t get sore after, I often wonder if I pushed hard enough. But when it’s hard to put on your pants, go down stairs or even put your hair in a pony tail, you know you are pushing your body a little closer to those sexy bulging muscles you want 😉

    Missed you!

    • bikiniorbust says

      Missed you too! All my website subscribers got lost in the move. I have to email them all today. 🙁 I am so sad to have lost of them – worst possible thing to lose in a move!!

  3. Great article! You’re an inspiration, Donloree.

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