A Kidney In Exchange For The Perfect Body?

I had an interesting question posed to me the other day.

“What would you pay to wake up tomorrow and have the perfect body?”

Immediately I wondered if the bank would give me a line of credit for such a thing. 

Perhaps I could say it was a business venture.  Or I could sell all my shoes! YES! I have quite the fabulous shoe collection and could probably rake in a few hundred dollars selling them on Ebay.

I realized I would have to sell some organs on the black market to make this dream a reality.

A hundred thousand?  Two hundred-fifty thousand?  What would it be worth? Would you pay more than what your car was worth brand new?

After thinking about it for a minutes, I realized that I wouldn’t pay much at all.

I would wake up being the same exact woman I was on the inside with an outside that was my idea of perfect.  The insecurities, negative self talk, fears that I let rule my life would all still be there.  I would merely be a very hot woman that has all the same issues, problems, and psychoses.

“What would you pay to wake up tomorrow and be confident in who you are?”

That’s the real question.

The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to pay a dime.  You could wake up tomorrow and choose to be satisfied in yourself and know that everything about you is worth enjoying. Tomorrow you have the opportunity to look past the fat woman in the mirror and truly see yourself; all of your amazingness, power, and strength.

Being fully you and proud of yourself is gorgeous.

Paying to wake up beautiful is what Hollywood does…and let’s be honest, they really don’t have it together over there.


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  1. Michelle Chatham says

    That was an amazing post. So very very true. Reminds me of some words of Henry David Thoreau, about people changing what they wear instead of who they are. He says ‘beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.’ 🙂 Thanks for your excellent and encouraging writing yet again. I’ve been reading your blog for months now and I’m no bodybuilder heehee but I still love it 🙂

  2. I was going to say, would we ever really think we had the perfect body? because the minute our waists are smaller, we need our boobies bigger. then when we need bigger boobies we need longer hair. when our hair gets longer our lips aren’t full enough…etc. it never ends!!

    i’ll take confidence for sure!

  3. I would never want to buy a better body, it’s so much better to earn it through blood sweat and tears (feel free to through this back in my face during contest prep 🙂 ).

    I like my personality and my body comes with it. I like comfy clothes and hate wearing makeup (except for when I dress up) and if people don’t like me in my natural state they can bite me. As much as I want the sparkly bikini and tan on stage, I don’t feel it’s necessary to do myself up in day to day life (it’s just not practical). I’m not trashing people who like to wear make up, because make up can be fun and creative. But nobody needs it to be beautiful, we are all beautiful just the way we are. Some of the most beautiful people on this earth are those who are comfortable in their own skin, no matter what age, size or shape.

  4. LOVE the new look of your blog!!

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