Popularity Isn’t As Grand As They Make It Out To Be…

I go to the gym every single day, even on my off days. Yes, this is more than a bit OCD but I am a creature of habit and enjoy the hot tub, steam room, and foam rolling on the off days. Our showers at home don’t need the soap scum removed but do require a good dusting now and again.

I keep all my workout gear at the gym so all I have to do is roll out of bed, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth before I head to the YMCA. One morning I went to grab my gear out of my cubby and my shoes were missing. I happened to see a piece of paper where my shoes were supposed to be. It was a note from a woman that took some shoes home that she thought may possibly be her shoes. She wasn’t 100% sure, so she left a long diatribe about how she took some shoes and if she took your shoes, you should email her. She ended the letter with her email address and a drawing of a smiling flower.

At this point in the morning I was not a smiling flower.

I found myself standing in the locker room dressed and ready for action without my shoes.

A huffy email was drafted from my phone demanding she return them ASAP.

They were returned the next day with a very apologetic note.

I promptly put my name on the inside of my shoes and made a public service announcement to all the women in the change room about the shoe thief.

A few weeks later as I got dressed for a killer leg day my shoes went missing. One minute my shoes were there, and then two minutes later they were not.  As of that moment, I was officially upset and unsure about the kind of women that work out at the YMCA. While I got ready for work after not working out because my shoes were MIA once again, I devised a plan. I decided to go out and look at all the women’s feet that were working out and make a scene when I found the perpetrator.

My fiery intensity that was pent up from not being able to train my legs was going to be unleashed on the shoe thief.

While applying my mascara, I notice one of my friends covertly motioning to me. She quietly let me know that a somewhat confused looking woman just walked in with shoes that looked like mine.

So I staged a confrontation.

I found the woman standing next to the shoe cubby holes looking bewildered. With my hands on my hips, I minced no words and asked her if she was wearing my shoes, and if so, why?

Apparently she was. She couldn’t find her shoes, so she opted to use mine. They looked similar to her shoes and since she didn’t know where hers were she used mine. WITHOUT SOCKS.

The shoes were still warm when she handed them back to me.

The best part was that my shoes appeared to be about 3 sizes too large for her. She had to batten those suckers right down to get them to stay on, which resulted in a Ronald McDonald-esque look.

I just have one question: Who are these people and how do they not know what their shoes look like?

Apparently I have the most popular shoes at the YMCA.

I’ve always wanted to be popular, but if this is popularity I think I’ll pass.

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  1. That is absolutely ridiculous.. I would have freaked out….

  2. HaHa … Loved your post! My HOT PINK Olympic lifting shoes recently went missing at my gym. Not sure why anyone would want them outside of the gym, but they did find their way back to my cubby. OOPS … they were picked up by accident. Interesting to see this happens in other gyms.

  3. that is so insanely bizarre!

    1. Ew
    2. WTF
    3. No Socks in a strangers shoes, is this girl for real?
    4. Hands on hips “How Rude!”
    5. Seriously twice? Report her to management!

    Time to put your shoes under lock down! or leave a big note on them saying Property of Donloree, DFT (Don’t Effing Touch!)

    • The story gets even worse. After that she decided that we were best friends…after all we share shoes…right? WRONG. She wanted to chat with me EVERY SINGLE TIME she saw me after that. I truly think she is out of her mind!

  4. commonmel says

    On one hand, this is hilarious and confirms that people are insane. On the other, I would have been so pissed off! You should have told her that is was ok she used them but if she had asked first, you would have told her that your dog really puked in them.

  5. You always have to wonder if people are genuinely confused, dumb or just thieves. This happened to me with my lunch in the fridge at work (I work as a teacher). I went to get my lunch and it was gone. SURELY you know what the freak you brought for lunch and what your containers do/don’t look like. Were they really confused and didn’t realize it wasn’t theirs or are there just weirdos out there who weren’t raised with any manners. Who knows….

  6. I think it is done intentionally without thought for who they might be inconveniencing. The dumb act is just that, an act for when they are caught. It is never okay to take or “borrow” without permission. Especially shoes!!!!

  7. Oh, NO, she didn’t! And she wore them sans socks?! That’s pretty gross, actually. (Who are these people?)

  8. I was reading this and got so angry! Give me my shoes!! Ugh! I can’t believe she had the nerve to take off your shoes and hand them to you. Just disgusting.

  9. Cindy Smith says

    What a riot! How in the world do people get the guts to take off with someone else’s shoes?

  10. Looks like you just may have to put a combo lock on the shoes! 😉 Not sure how you’d do it but I’m sure, others would get the msg!

  11. Melanie Robinson says

    Perhaps this is over the top, but I would have made her buy me new shoes. That is SO disgusting!

  12. really??? wtf?!?!

  13. Yuck!!! That is so unnecessary and ew.

  14. Hahaha girl…I dont know about you out there in BC but we lock our shoes up in Edmonton lol

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