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I love being ‘Camerican’. I can cross the border with ease, one moment I am American and the next I am Canadian. It is absolutely perfect.

Growing up in America I enjoyed the benefit of a healthcare system that gave you the help you needed immediately; the down side being that you paid for it out of pocket.

Now that I live in Canada I enjoy the benefit of a healthcare system that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for; the down side being that you don’t get the help when you need it.

To get in to see a specialist is an excruciating and character building experience. I already have a lot of character – I grew up with the name Donloree Dickau for pity sake!

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis (I always feel like I should clasp my hands together and bow when I state my disease) I was put in the cue to see a doctor that is very skilled in this area of medicine, but not a specialist. Thus began my 9 weeks of waiting…and I am still waiting. And just in case you thought 9 weeks was long, to see a doctor at the Endocrinology Unit at the U of A Hospital the waiting period starts at 16 weeks!

I took the 9 weeks and ran, or more accurately stated, sluggishly proceeded.

Finally I decided to take action! No more waiting around, it was time to demand that I get in sooner to see someone.

I resolved to get some momentum, so I called my doctor’s office to ask for help.

DLH – Hello, may I speak to the person in charge of referrals please?

*after 15 minutes of being on hold I was transferred to the grouchiest woman on the planet*

Grouchiest Woman On The Planet – YEAH?

DLH – (In my most cheerful voice) Hello there. I am just calling, well, I need your help. I know I got a referral to see a specialist-esque doctor, but I am desperate. It is so far away and I am wondering if there is another doctor in the city I could see. I need some help. Can you help me? I feel horrible all of the time. (tears start to well up at this point)

GWONTP – First of all what is your name? Secondly we already referred you. I can’t do much else.

DLH – I’m Donloree. Donloree Hoffman.

GWONTP – Yeah. I see you already have an appointment for the end of March. So what do you want?

DLH – (The tears and desperation are making my voice wobbly now) I want to see someone as soon as I can. I want help. I want to be better. Can you please ask for another referral?

GWONTP – (SIGH) I don’t think that she’ll do it but I can ask. I will call you back when I hear from her. *Harrumph*

*Then she proceeds to hang up on me*

Two weeks pass by and I hear nothing. The extreme brain fog and tiredness make it hard to remember to call back and see if I have a referral to a doctor that could see me earlier. Finally desperation sets in again.

DLH – Hello, this is Donloree Hoffman. We spoke a few weeks back and you were looking into another referral for me. I was just checking to see if an appointment has been booked.

GWONTP – (SIGH…HUFF…) No. I have not heard back.

DLH – Can you look into it please? I will take anything.

GWONTP – Fine. I will call you back this afternoon.

*No call back occurs*

DLH – Hello, its Donl…

GWONTP – Yeah, I know. I called and can get you in to see another doctor 2 weeks earlier, but I don’t see the point. I mean you already have an appointment for the end of March, what’s a few weeks?

DLH – PLEASE! I will take anything. Even 4 days sooner is 4 days closer to a solution than I was before I am desperate. I need help.

GWONTP – Yeah, ok. FINE. I will call and see if they will take you.

DLH – Thank you?

This afternoon my phone rings and a very pleasant and kind hearted woman from the new doctor’s office called with an appointment for March 14. If I had the energy I would have hopped around my living room. I thanked her profusely and also noted that her kindness was appreciated.

Two more weeks until the next stage of health and healing begins. Project ‘Get Donloree Healthy‘ just got a turbo boost!

What do you need a Turbo Boost in?

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  1. praying for you Donloree! You are amazing! So glad you got your appointment earlier!

  2. Sorry you had to deal with GWONTP, but you got an appt out of it! Hooray! Hang in there, girl. You’re gettin’ there!

  3. The system is so broken.

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