Apparently I Became An Athlete Somewhere Along The Way…

Today I realized that I do a lot of weird things….things that people only do if their life revolves around fitness. I don’t know when it happened, but I have become an athlete. This may seem like a, “Uh…yeah Donloree…” kind of a statement to you, but to me this is a big deal.

I grew up spending recess helping out in the library, not because I was in trouble, but because I wanted to avoid having to play soccer, foursquare, or tetherball. The only active thing I liked to do at recess was jump rope, but after second grade it just wan’t cool anymore. I hated standing on the field in line with my skinny, fit friends only to be picked last for the team. Every. Single. Time.

And to top it off I was the tallest girl in my class AND wore glasses.

The library and I got along much better. There at least I got to do the picking, of the books that is.

Now that I have morphed into an athlete of sorts, I have found that I do odd things and don’t even think twice about it anymore.

  1. Eat odd food combinations right after showering while only wearing a towel.
    As soon as I am finished my workout and shower I am usually ravenous. I don’t think twice about plopping down on the bench and eating while wearing nothing more than a towel. And utensils are optional. Today I forgot my spoon, but that didn’t stop me I just ate with my fingers like a 1 year old…I was hungry!

    Apples, walnuts, an EPIC amount of cinnamon, and a protein drink. Perfect post workout meal...and it CANNOT be eaten fast enough.



  2. Put signs up in my house to remind me of things I may forget due to lack of carbs.
    Not having a lot of carbs in your diet makes you forgetful sometimes. Many times I have found myself eating peanut butter straight out of the jar only to think, “Hey, I am not supposed to be doing this…wait a minute!”

    This is at eye level and every time I read it I think, "Right. That is right. I DO NOT eat Jon's peanut butter." It has saved me from finding myself with a spoon in the jar about 48 times already and the sign has only been up for 3 days.



  3. Cook meals that don’t resemble the name.
    Chicken noodle soup usually has noodles in it, but not at my house….and since when does it have TONS of mushrooms in it?

    Noodles? Nope! There is a wee bit of quinoa in there just to make it noodle-esque.

  4. Get excited about things like protein shakers.
    I haven’t been drinking protein supplements, but need to now that I can’t have cottage cheese or yogurt after my workouts. Today I hummed a happy little song as I put in my protein powder and glutamine. Then when I realized I left it at the gym the happy little song died….

    Who wouldn't be excited about this shaker? It even has a mini whisk to ensure all the protein is mixed appropriately.

  5. Rarely have people in my car, but ALWAYS have something riding shotgun.
    My super cute Core 360 workout bag and epic sized purse are usually front and centre in my car no matter where I am going. If I start to strap them in, we’ll know I have officially gone over the edge!

    I love my stylish bags! Got to look cute while I haul around my meals and workout gear.

Should I be concerned or is this normal behaviour?

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  1. It all looks normal to me! 😀

  2. looks normal to me too! But hey, people give me funny looks all the time. Like today when I was posing in the gym after my leg workout 😀

    • Oh man, I get the WEIRDEST looks when I take progress pictures for Joe after my workouts on Monday. I just stopped caring and only worry if there are naked women in the background! hah!

  3. Normal to me too =) And way cute pink bag!!

  4. I still think you’re deficient of something in peanutbutter.

  5. Please!! All of that behavior is ridiculously normal!! 🙂


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