Opportunity Knocks

“When opportunity comes, its too late to prepare.”

– John Wooden, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

People don’t just wake up one morning, stretch, and after a long soulful yawn think to themselves, ‘Gosh, today is a great day to compete in a bodybuilding competition”, and then grab a skimpy, bedazzled suit, some Bikini Bite, and a rice cake and out the door they go to compete.

It is just not done that way.

There is a reason that very few people in the world compete in bodybuilding. Its intense and requires more preparation, training, focus, and self discipline than most people are willing to give.

It is all encompassing at times. Going to the gym and training hard, eating a clean diet 95% of the time, and resting as hard as you train becomes part of who you are, not merely something you do. I never used to have self discipline or understand this mentality. Mornings used to be the most loathed time of my day and I wafted through life like a lost soul.

Finally I realized that competing wasn’t something I would like to do, it is something I must do. After a year of preparation I competed for the first time and was bitten by the bodybuilding bug.

The discipline, perseverance, positivity, willpower, mental stamina, focus, self esteems, boldness, adaptability, and strength that I have gained has prepared me for what’s next.

When opportunity comes knocking I am going to be ready!

How are you preparing for the knock at your door?

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  1. I’m the classic case of over preparation 😀 I’m training for a Fitness Model competition in October and overindulging in knowledge now! I figure knowledge is power and the more I learn, mentally prepare and recipes I collect now, the better I will be able to handle the contest prep. Thanks to gals like you, I don’t feel so alone in this journey (my community is small and completely void of a fitness scene). Props to Donloree and all the Bikini or Bust gals, you motivate me everyday!

  2. I seem to forget that there is a small percentage of people who actually do bodybuilding competitions. I think because I surround myself with people that do, I forget that. you are right though, it takes a special kind of person. =)

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