10 Things You Do Only While On Contest Prep

All through Christmas and up until a few weeks ago I was up to my eyebrows in contest prep. After working like a mad woman and nearly running myself into the ground and getting only adverse results, I decided to pull back and work on getting healthy. I am aiming to compete again in October and kick some Figure Butt! While I implement the ‘Let’s not kill Donloree, after all this is all about being healthy, isn’t it?’ plan, I get to eat more food, can take a rest day if I am feeling horrible, and am officially NOT on contest prep anymore.

I still eat very clean and work out like a mad woman, but I don’t have to have a laser beam focus on contest prep. Now that I have stepped back the intensity, I’ve notice a few things that I only do while I’m on contest prep.

  1. 5″ clear heels are worn around the house instead of slippers. Everything is done while wearing the ridiculous shoes, even cleaning the bathroom!
  2. Spoons, bowls, and forks are never licked while baking or cooking. There are strict macros that MUST be adhered to in order to ensure  success…there is NO room for margin.
  3. Hobbies are reduced to chopping, measuring, weighing, and napping. Why knit a sweater when you could be cutting vegetables and cramming them into ziploc baggies?
  4. Late night Googling of weird things. If you are going to Google things like ‘how to effectively glue yourself into a bedazzled bikini’, there’s good reason to Google these things after the rest of the family is in bed….
  5. Lusting after baked goods. The smell of baking bread may be the most enticing smell on the planet for a competitor on contest prep. If you see a very fit person standing in a bakery with a look of pure rapture on her face, just prod her towards the door and remind her that she has goals and the bread will not help her meet them!
  6. Turning down celery sticks. Even celery sticks cannot be eaten if they haven’t been factored into the meal plan for the day! This makes for awkward moments at friends’ houses when you go to parties. I have been known to just carry around a plate of food and make it appear like I am eating just to avoid questions.
  7. Breakfast is looked forward to more than any other moment in the day. Who knew oats, kasha, or egg whites could be so anticipated? Just don’t get between a competitor and her breakfast, you may lose a limb.
  8. Your belt collection increases. Weight starts to drop of your body, as do your pants at a certain point. The bank account can’t keep up with the need for a new wardrobe every 3 weeks, so the clothing budget goes towards belts.
  9. Dishes aren’t really used. Protein shakers, tupperware containers, and ziploc baggies fill your kitchen, dishwasher, purse, and car. Why dirty a dish when it’s already measured out perfectly and in a tupperware container?
  10. Date night becomes ‘cardio with the one you love’. Usually while on prep, competitors have to workout twice a day. Spending time on a treadmill next to your significant other and then heading home to get to bed so that you can eat breakfast sooner is about as romantic as it gets some days!

I am currently enjoying celery sticks when they are offered to me, eating from real dishes, wearing slippers in the house again, and I even licked the spoon when I made Jon muffins yesterday! *GASP!*

What do you find yourself doing while on contest prep that you never do any other time?

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  1. Didn’t know you were officially not in competition prep, you are right though! Health is the goal. 🙂 glad you can enjoy celery sticks and an occasional lick of muffin batter. Hehe. You are so inspiring miss!!!

    • I know, I am just living it up big here with the celery sticks! Hah! Yup, no April 9 competition for me. My body just can’t take it. I am still training and eating very clean and feeling a lot better. 5 more weeks until I get to see a specialist, then tons of tests I am sure, and then more ‘experimentation’. It’s going to be a bit of a journey I think….

  2. I find myself going nuts because in my house on top of our microwave is a free goodie area and there are always: cookies, muffins, cake, teas etc. And I’ll look at my shelf in the pantry and get so disappointed because all I see is oatmeal, brown rice, beans. Then I open the fridge and see: almond milk, veggies, fruit. There isn’t an off season for comp prep. It’s a lifestyle and it is 365/24-7 lol 🙂

    • Yup! Now that I am not on prep I get things like strawberries, blackberries, and potatoes in small quantities. Luckily my husband has hopped on the clean eating bandwagon as well, so there really aren’t treats in our house. If I was going to binge on something it would have to be bananas and almonds…hah!

  3. I wish I could say there is no junk in my house. My hubby is the biggest chocoholic in the universe! There is always temptation around. But I like to pat myself on the back and say that I’m stronger than the average bear beause I have so much temptation to resist. On my current diet I’m only allowed 1 carb a day and I’m like Donloree, I find myself yearning for breakfast because I can have 1 serving of fruit and 1 serving of oats! It’s a daily treat! At the current point in time I’m allowed two cheat meals a week. But in a few months I’ll be into full contest prep mode and those will be gone! I’m a little panicked as to how I’m going to handle not being able to have a clean muffin, a bite of chocolate or say a fruit salad for three months! Thank god for fruit flavoured gum!

  4. I stalk blogs like How Sweet It Is, Cookies and Cups, and Bake or Break…it’s the closest I can get to sweets and not feel tempted 🙂


  5. I’m not sure if finding out about How Sweet It Is is a blessing or a curse, those beautiful cupcakes are sooo distracting! 😀

  6. I read tons of blogs like this so I know I’m not the only one!!!

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