Things Are Just Funnier After An Epic Ab Workout!

Tiffany posed an interesting question: “Why is life so much funnier after an epic ab workout?”

My immediate thought was, “YES! Life is so much funnier and it just hurts to laugh the whole next day! What is the deal with that?!”

Then I realized that life actually isn’t funnier. I just fail to notice the funny, joyful, and hilarious things most days. I laugh and don’t even take note of it. The DOMS makes you pause, take a breath, and see what is causing the epic pain in your abdomen.

Due to the Hashimoto in my life, I have slowed down and allowed my body to start the healing process. I am finally accepting that I have limitations. This has been painful for me. I have been taking many breaths and have had to stop  on many occasions to see what is causing the epic pain in my body, heart, and soul.

I have stopped to notice the discouragement, weakness, frustration, and anger and by doing so I have discovered a peace, strength, and calm joy that I never knew I had.

When you stop and notice, you will find amazing truths. Truths about yourself, the world, and the people around you.

Its always been there, now its just time to notice!

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