MTTC Ratio

Losing fat, not weight is a competitor’s focus. We worry about how much fat is on our body more than the number on the scale…even if that scale haunts us on a daily basis. In actuality, the focus for most people is to lose fat not just move the number on the scale; its just that competitors have an extreme goal. We are trying to be as lean as possible with body fat percentages in the low teens or even single digits!

This means cardio sessions twice a day or an hour spent on the stationary bike after an hour of weight training during contest prep.

And the fat comes off, but not necessarily where you want it to! My question is, why doesn’t it come off the Muffin Top FIRST?

I am in the best shape of my life, but still struggle with a Muffin Top. I was thinking about this today and realized that it isn’t actually the Muffin Top that is my problem, its my MTTC Ratio that bothers me!

MTTC Ratio – Muffin Top To Chest Ratio

In my effort to become lean, my chest has disappeared on a tropical isle vacation never to be heard from again.

The result? A poor rating on the MTTC Ratio Scale. Otherwise known as the body shape of a 13 year old boy…which does lend itself toward youth and vitality, but no womanly curves!

It’s time to fight back and get a better MTTC Rating! So it’s time to grow my shoulders and back and  build some Figure Competitor curves!

Who’s with me?

Please tell me that I am not the only one that struggles with their MTTC Rating.

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  1. Well I know have “enough” boobage to be able to run without anything but a gym top .. so my chest has virtually disappeared too ..

  2. Oh my gosh you kill me! I can totally relate. My girls are just sad looking and I actually told my husband tonight that I was sorry I looked like a 12 year old boy =) Why can’t the fat come from the pooch first? SO not fair!! =)

  3. I’m so in! It’s all about building the shoulders and back and *crosses fingers* and loosing this darn muffin top! *curses the muffin top!*

  4. You are not alone! My top half always leans out first….such a struggle to lean out on the bottom. I look like a ten year old boy during prep mode. Now that I am “off season”, I’ve returned to the prepubescent 12 year old girl status.
    Unfortunately I had to take time off of cardio and lower body training and the muffin top is back in full force!

  5. I’m all in for the anti-muffin top task force! Everytime we crave a muffin we just have to look down and realize, hey we don’t need to eat on, we already have one! 😛

    p.s. after this week’s arm workouts I can barely put my hair in a pony tail and the best part is, when I laugh at myself my stomach hurts from the plank. It’s a ridorkulous state of affairs!

    p.p.s. How come the world is funnier when you’ve just done a killer ab workout? 😀

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