Love The One You’re With!

Its the official day of torture for a Figure Competitor. CHOCOLATE is everywhere. And not just chocolate, CUTE chocolate in pretty pink boxes with bows other things that scream, ‘Buy me and eat me…all of me…RIGHT NOW!

This Valentine’s Day is going to be chocolate free for me, be it doesn’t mean it is going to be love free!

So how are you loving the one you’re with today?

I am loving the one I am with by treating myself to health and laughter instead of chocolate and wine. Today I am remembering that loving myself means I get to love others with with a big heart that is full of joy, laughter, and mischievousness!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. Love this video a lot.

  2. Orange Roughy and steamed green beans. 🙂 And maybe a casein crepe with natty pb in bed, if he’s lucky!

  3. We are having curried chicken with cauliflower, carrots and parsnips! For a snack I’ll most likely have spinach chips and maybe some tuna. I gave my hunny some tasty chocolate covered nuts for V Day. These don’t appeal to me as I’m highly allergic to nuts, therefore it’s always ok to have nutty treats in the house, because tasting them would result in having to use my epipen, something I never hope I have to do!

    We don’t need that pretty chocolate today! Just the support of each other 😀

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