Grow Time!

At the beginning of the year I made some changes in how I train. I no longer see a personal trainer in person, I do all of my workouts alone under the guidance of Dr. Joe’s team online. I would love to work out with someone, but I don’t know anyone in Edmonton that wants to get up at the crack of dawn to lift weights with me.  It has become my ‘me time’. The time where I think and unload my brain and it’s fabulous. I have the most interesting life epiphanies at 6:30 am when I’m on my 8th set of squats for the day.

All that being said, there are a few drawbacks to working out alone:

  • When I need a spot I have to find the man in the gym that is most likely to NOT think I am trying to ask him out when I ask him to spot me. I just don’t want to be crushed by the bench press, is that too much to ask?
  • There is no one to push me to keep going when I want to quit. The upside of this is that I am much less likely to burst into tears while working out.
  • The only critique I get on form is from men that seem to think they know best. I never know how to respond when I get bad advice from well-meaning men. I have never had a woman interrupt my work out to ask if I am sure I can squat the bar I just loaded….

I’ve become adept at setting up the chest press so I don’t get crushed and can push myself pretty far without a cheerleader, but my form needs some severe work.

So I have implemented a plan for some serious results. While I take this time to focus on my health, I am also focussing on growing my muscles. I am going to come out on the other side of this healthy, strong, and lean!

To learn proper form I decided to take my Personal Training Certification. After all, what better way to learn form than by learning how to teach it to others? Oh. My. Gosh. I doing almost everything with the worst form on the planet! Apparently the men with there comments may have had some valid points…but whatever you do, don’t tell them that I admitted this!

Using the proper form I find myself lifting less and getting more results.

I have learned to think differently about every workout. Instead of moving weight, I am moving my muscle. When I lift I have started to think about the actual muscle that is doing the work and how it is working. I put my mind in that muscle group and lift with the most perfect form I can.

I even bought a book to help me remember all of my muscles!

I grew up reading books....but never a book like this one!

Now I can be found every night before a lifting day reviewing the muscle groups I will be working and making notes.

Coffee, workout plan, and book of weird muscle pictures makes for a fabulous evening!

At the end of a workout, instead of being proud of how much I’ve lifted, I am proud of how well I have lifted. Similarly in life I am no longer proud of how much I get accomplished, rather the quality of work that I do and who I am. You only get one chance for your workout, your day, and your life. It’s time to make it count.

Instead of getting all the reps womanly possible, I say go for quality and give it 100%. You may get ‘less‘ done, but I have no doubt that you will see more results.

It’s not just go time, it’s GROW time.

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  1. The biggest thing for me is not having anyone push me. Cardio is my hardest thing to do, I get so bored of it! Sometimes I just want someone there to make up something different for me and push me through it…sometimes I just sit there unmotivated!

    • One of the Bikini or Bust ladies does cardio circuits or something…10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the stair master, and then a final push on the elliptical. Keeps it interesting! Do you do HIIT training? That makes it do-able too because you’re not just slugging away.
      I also think about standing on the stage in those moments. When I stand on that stage how do I want to feel about THIS workout? At point I am pretty sure that I will have wished I gave it 100%, so I get my arse in gear! 🙂

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I don’t have a local trainer and I just go to the gym with my training plan and struggle it out myself. I’m always nervous when I put heavier weight on the first time. I’m secretly afraid I’m going to fall over and be pinned to the ground by an olympic bar.

    What’s with men at the gym thinking they are all experts? I’ve noticed this and I was warned by my coach that creates my routines. He told me to follow my plan and not listen to everyone at the gym, because as soon as they find out I’m training for something, they will all become experts.

    • I have no idea why all the men think they are experts! I have one man that seems to have appointed himself as my personal coach. I finally had to tell him that I knew what I was doing and that I am lifting with this form (the correct form) to hit a specific group of muscles. Oy vey! 😉

      I also fear being pinned under the Olympic bar! I figure someone would eventually save me…

  3. Yep, its definitely a case of it not being “what you lift” but “how you lift it” .. im constantly trying to tell people that when they try and match the weight I lift (forgetting that Ive been doing this for awhile, and actually have some muscles) lol.

    Well done you!

  4. totally agree – form over how heavy you’re lifting is key!! Good job – I am so proud of u!

  5. Awesome read and great advice, always quality over quantity that is truely how you grow!!

    You might want to get a new gym. All you should need to do for a spot is: make eye contact and say “Hey give me a spot?”. The only talk should be done what a lift off and how many are you going for and good job at the end. End of story. It obligatory to give a spot if you able to.

  6. good points! You know, I absolutely LOVE working out alone. I push myself more than I think anyone could. Seriously. I feel like when I work out with a friend or trainer I’m too busy talking and gossiping than really paying attention to my workouts. I’m a loner anyway =)

  7. I’ve always been all about having good form, which is why the amt of weight I move doesn’t seem very impressive to some people. But I’m not training to impress people with the amt of weight I move; I’m training to build a well-balanced, muscular physique. Way to follow your own path, girl, and do what’s best for YOU. And it’s absolutely true that once guys find out you’re training for a show, they all become “experts.” *smh

  8. Great book. I read the same one every night before my workouts. Great minds think alike!

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