Savi Seed Review

I am always on the lookout for new foods that I can eat and whenever I find something new I get rather excited. The other day in the supplement store I saw something called ‘Savi Seeds’. They are apparently ‘the richest source of Omega 3 on the planet’ and are ‘proudly produced in partnership with indigenous Peruvian famers‘.

So of course I bought them!

Such a cute little bag! And they want to make sure that you know they aren't nuts...they're just crazy. hah!

As soon as I got home I portioned them out, after all I don’t want another peanut butter fiasco on my hands!

Ready to eat! One bag has 5 servings, can't wait to give them a try!

Oh, and did I mention they are gluten free? For a Hashimoto-ite such as myself, this made the Omega 3-rich seeds from South America a godsend! Can these darn things get any better?

Woot, woot! Glutenless (is that even a word?) seeds that are super healthy.

So the only thing left to do was to EAT them! So I poured a few out from my perfectly portioned packages, excited to give them a try.

Mmm! Can't wait!

As I brought them close to my mouth, an odd smell hit my nose. A smell that was reminiscent of  my great grandmother’s front closet. A smell that could only be described as mildew and mothballs.

Being the hopeful Figure Competitor that I am, I plugged my nose and gave them a go.

They taste just like them smell.

Anyone want some stinky Savi Seeds? They are apparently just fabulous for you…if you like eating mildew and mothballs.

I guess I will stick to my Omega 3 supplements and never buy these again, not even the chocolate covered ones!

Savi Seeds get two thumbs down from this girl.

What is your favorite low carb snack? I would love to know seeing how I’m currently stuck with 5 servings of mildew-esque seeds.

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if people don’t dig up reasons to say things are good for them when they taste bad out of masochism. Oh it’s bad so it must be great, let’s do some work to prove it! Not saying that’s the case here but sometimes I wonder.

  2. Call the store, see if you can get your money back? Are they supposed to be that stinky?

  3. Oh darn! When I first started to read this post I got excited. As a person who is allergic to nuts I almost leap out of my seat thinking yay! something new besides sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Then came the review, mildew! gross! I’ll pass.

    Love your blog Donloree. I would love to join the bikini or bust group for the next competition push!

    • I am going to ask them if the supplement place tomorrow if they are supposed to smell so horrible. Perhaps I just got a really bad bag. I will keep you posted! 🙂

      You bet! I will let you know when the next Bikini Or Bust Adventure starts up! 🙂

      • There is a secret part of me that hopes they were a bad bag! because I would love to add a new tasty seed to my diet, but not all health foods are created equal. I bought some hemp protein once and it was horrible! I remember putting the recommended serving in my oats once and having to dump the entire bowl. It was a sad state of affairs! I’ve managed to use it up, sneak minuscule amounts into my clean baking, but otherwise I stay far away from that stuff 😀

        • So I went and asked….they are apparently not bad. The woman at the store told me they have a ‘musty’ smell. 🙁
          Who wants to eat musty seeds I ask?! They have chocolate covered ones, but I don’t think even chocolate can cover up the smell….
          Time to try something else. 🙂

  4. ewww! I just tried chia seed pudding for the first time and it was delicious. There are lots of recipes on the internet, lots containing almond milk, which I cannot consume, but last night I experimented and made some with matcha (green tea) and it was delicious.

    Recipe is:
    1/4 c chia seeds
    1/4 c boiling water with 1/4 tsp of matcha
    1 tsp of vanilla
    and a sprinkle of stevia

    I put a little bit of milk on top and it was yummers, but I think the milk and stevia are totally optional!

  5. I must say I love these little things! I am eating them as we speak! I especially like the Karmalized ones (I do have sweet tooth). Sometimes you can get the odd one with this mouldy taste which does not bother me so much! (I guess I have good memories with my grandmother….ha, ha). Also any food is better than any supplements! Our body actually digest all the nutrients while it does not from supplements. Just give it another try!!!

  6. I wonder if you did get a bad bag! To me and my husband, they tasted very similar to chocolate covered almonds. We tasted mostly chocolate, with an obvious crunch from the seed. The texture was like a brazil nut.

    • bikiniorbust says

      So I should try them again? Perhaps the chocolate covered ones…they could be a big indulgence for me one of these days! 🙂

  7. I think it is the Omega 3s that make it smell different. It tastes a bit “fishy” almost but I like the taste. Karmalized ones are the ones I just ate.

    They don’t smell that bad though, maybe your bag was spoiled . At my local store they sell a 1 oz (28 g) snack size too.

  8. SamKingCat says

    Was at a health food store and they had one of those glass dispensers that you usually put coins in and turn the handle to get either candies and or nuts – but they were for savi seeds. I lucked out and out came the dark chocolate covered ones. Yum! yep does taste like choco covered almonds. Love ’em !

  9. I’m eating these right now, the chocolate ones, and I LOVE them! And for carb counters, they end up being just 1 net carb per ounce. That is great for something with no fake crap in it.

  10. SamKingCat says

    Dr Oz highty reccomends them. Especially for swimsuit slimdown season ahead !

    Inca peanuts = A+

  11. Yoyoizpo says

    OMG, i luv these! I’m allergic to nuts AND all seafood, so I’ve been looking for a tasty way 2 get my omega 3’s… this is it! Eating them right now! U should really give em a second chance… especially the karmelized and chocolate ones… 😀

  12. Annabella says

    I didn’t notice any “musty smell” at all. I thought they were delicious; the only negative was that they were rather expensive !

  13. Thought I would chime in and offer my opinion to this Savi Seed convo! I enjoy the seeds, I’ve tried all the flavours, and I personally like the chocolate ones the best. I will agree that they do have a smell, but I never related it to mothballs lol. I know that people are always skeptical of healthy snacks especially my “meat & potatoes” father, so I thought I would trick him into trying the natural savid seeds, I had a handful and just asked if he wanted some nuts (he loves nuts), he ate them and there was no comment! I asked if he liked them, and he replied “they’re just peanuts right?” LOL

    • I totally understand how sick you get and every time you encounter the savi seed you will be sicker yet. I had a tiny sample of a vega protein bar that I didn’t realize had savi seed and was sick to my stomach and had diarrhea for a few hours from one tiny sample. I am terrified of eating it by mistake and have to read every label now in health food stores. There is a great plant based protein shake with no savi seeds called fussion. Tastes good and no ill effects! Recommended by my nutritionist

  14. These seeds are not that bad.

  15. Hey,

    Just had to weigh in. I’m feeling a little skeptical about another new ‘superfood’, but nevertheless, I tried these out at the health food store today and they were seriously yummy. I tried the chocolate covered ones and enjoyed both the taste and the texture. Before anyone throws out the baby with the bathwater, I would suggest trying these ones. There were seriously good.



  16. My daughter is allergic to nuts & when she heard of SAVI seeds aren’t nuts, she just went ruts. She bought 7 bags with the allowance I gave to her. Today she shared on bag with me. She put 3 ‘nuts’ onto my hand.
    I took a smell first… Oh my God, aren’t they smell horrible. Then I put all 3 into my mouth and chew on them.
    Oh… it tastes just like nuts but a lot less tasty. Then my daughter told me they contains lot of Omega-3 … but then I notice that the seeds are deep fried. Would the oil be gone when the seeds are deep fried? Also, they are rather expensive… at $7 a little bag (really little…). So, I would say.. keep on looking for a good nuts-like food which is not nuts but are less pricey. On the time being, we shall keep on this horrible tasting seeds until someone out there get us another better seeds (but no nuts).

  17. I LOVE Natural Savi Seeds. It is hard for me to stop eating just one serving at a time (I always eat at least half the bag at at time if I’m behaving) since I could eat two bags in one sitting. I’m ordering two dozen soon, that’s right, TWO DOZEN (yummy in my tummy!). So glad I liked the taste but unfortunately, it is bit expensive since there isn’t too much competition so far. I guess it does have a little ‘musty’ smell (@_@ ) but not a problem for me since I like stinky foods. I also think it taste little like roasted soy nuts but much better minus the ‘musty’ smell.

  18. I have been eating the Karmalized with raw cane sugar savi seeds, and until today they were ok. I got a bad bag that was very moldy they made me sick to my stomach. All so my bag had the USD Organic label covered up on the front, whats up with that! It makes me feel a little uncomfortable about the companies quality of product.

  19. Must have been something wrong with them. In your picture they are VERY dark in color compared to the ones I have. To me they smell like grass or straw but I think they have a pleasant taste. I like to take the Oh Natural ones (w/ sea salt) and mix with the Karmalized ones (s/ raw sugar)…. just the right amount of sweet and salty.

    Hope you give them another try.

  20. This blog came up when I Googled savi seeds. I bought a 1oz package and I don’t really care for them. They do seem a bit musty. I wish I would have tried the chocolate ones instead.

    But the health food store wasn’t a total bust – I got chia seeds, too and I am loving them!

  21. I have eaten the Vega chocolate covered savi seeds twice now. I ate about a handful. Both times, I experienced extreme nausea and diarrhea for about 12 hours after consumption. I love savi seeds but they do not seem to like me. It’s just not worth the puking. 🙁

    If anyone else has similar symptoms – please post. I can’t find anything on the internet about savi seed allergies. Note: I don’t have any other food allergies… Thanks!

    • I have never heard of anyone having such a crazy reaction to them. Did you eat both handfuls from the same batch? 🙁 Horrible!
      If I hear of anyone having such allergies, I will let you know. Eeps!

      • I know haha me neither!! Yes, both handfuls were from the same small pouch. Date is fine (they expire in 2013) and it’s the new vega packaging, so I know it hasn’t been sitting around long. On Sunday I had 1 handful and I started to feel ill almost instantly and was up all night throwing up..and I had the second handful (not knowing that this is what was making me sick) Tuesday evening. What a disaster. Meanwhile, I have tried a vega bar that contained savi seeds.. so I’m not sure what happened this time. Either way, I’m staying away from these..because it is just not worth it.

        Thanks for your note. 🙂

        • Update: Had a Vega smoothie (nutritional shake, chocolate flavour) – which contains savi seeds. Made me very nauseous, instantly. I had it at 9pm at night and was sick until 9am the next morning. I wish savi seeds agreed with me because I actually really like them. Strange!

        • Sylvana Chambers says

          I had a horrible reaction to these seeds as well, similar to what you are describing. First time I ate them from the bag and second time I had a Vega protein powder. Both times I was violently sick. I suspect that I have an allergy to the mold that is part of these seeds ! Very toxic ! I do not recommend these nasty seeds to anyone !

          • I am experiencing the same problem. Tried the Vega Karmelized Savi Seeds 2 days ago (I ate maybe 4?) and have had terribly upset stomach and diarrhea for 2 days. Seeing as how that was the only thing I ate outside of my normal routine I can only conclude it was the seeds. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction? They tasted good but not worth my body’s reaction.

        • I tried the new Vega shake, which contains Savi Seed, and had the same reaction you describe…instantly very ill for atleast 6-8 hours. I’ve been using Vega shakes for years and loved them, until they changed the formula and added Savi Seed. Vega confirmed for me that there have been no other “additions” to the new shake formula, so it was definitely the Savi Seed that was causing my reaction. They also checked the product (I returned it at their request for quality control), and they confirmed there was nothing wrong with the particular package that I purchased. I have not been able to find any information on the web about other people reacting like this, so good to know I’m not alone! I will stay away from Savi Seed, not such a “healthy miracle seed” for me!

          • I tried the vega seeds several months ago had the most violent bathroom experiencen for several hours. Des anyone have any recommendations for a great vegan protein powder that does NOT contain savi seeds?

    • The first time I ate Vega Savi Seeds I had no adverse reaction. However, this month I have had 3 VIOLENT episodes of vomiting & diarrhea & in at least two of the cases I can connect it back to the seeds (the first time I thought it was food poisoning & do not remember whether I consumed the seeds that day. Basically I had an attack one week, then a week later, & the two weeks later. It felt worse than the flu & my stomach was spasming & I was in so much pain…in all my life I have never had such a bad case of nausea. I am glad that I found other people who had a similar reaction or else I may not have pinpointed the seeds as the cause.

      • Did you eat the seeds 3 times or think the 3 episodes were from eating the seed one. Just wondering because I might have the same problem.

    • i tried vega savi seeds last night for the first time. i also experienced profuse vomiting and diarrhea for over 4 hours within 20 minutes of eating the seeds. they seemed like a wonder food but i will never eat them again.

    • Oh, I am glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who ate a Vega Sport Protein Bar which contains Saviseed and got violently sick. I spent a few hours in my bathroom in agony. Although I’m still weak, I got well enough to do some research on the Internet to see if there are other people who had the same reaction. This happened to me twice by eating a Vega bar and the this time was worse. I have no problems eating nuts and seeds, so I don’t understand why this food made me so sick. I am glad I was able to identify what made me sick, though. In the future, I will avoid this food like a plague. Thank you all for sharing your experience.

      • Hi, I recently bought a collection of stuff from Vega. I’ve been drinking the latest Vega mix and really enjoy it. However, I also got and tried the ‘Vega Savi Seed Cocoa Kissed’ and definitely felt off. I didn’t puke but had some weird bowel movements the two times eating a hand full. I also had a bad Nausea feeling that latest a few hours and completely changed my mood – not as long as some of you folks described though. But I haven’t had any reactions to the Vega mix – thank goodness.

        So why the Savi Seed Cocoa Kissed stuff but not the Vega Mix!? Is it the Cocoa maybe? or maybe a higher percentage of Savi Seed vs the Mix?

        I’m not allergic to nuts but am to Cats and have that oral allergy to Cherries, Apples, and Peaches (the allergy where your mouth and throat get all itchy).

        Any thoughts would be great! 🙂

    • I just had the worst experience of my life after eating a handful of the chocolate covered savi seeds. I’ve never thrown up so hard in my life. Definitely will make sure I never have these again!

  22. Alejandro says

    I just tried my first handful, and I think they’re delicious! I’d make bread out of them if I could! The taste reminds me of pu-erh tea, and the texture, of pistachios (my favourite tea and nut respectively).

    I guess my taste buds are on the weird side though. If I had my way, I’d probably dip these things in vegemite, or throw them into some sort of curry dish. I probably couldn’t handle them chocolate-covered, but that’s more to do with my losing my sweet-tooth.

  23. I also had a bad reaction after eating Savi seeds. They gave me a stomach ache and diarrhea. Even though they are loaded with Omega 3, they are expensive and tasted and smelled a bit off to me too.
    I don’t recommend them for all of the above reasons.

  24. I tried chocolate savi seeds twice before I realized they made me violently ill,(thought it was something else until the second time), vomitting and diarhea for several hours. I then recently tried a tiny sample of a protein bar and was violently ill again only to find out it contained savi seed. This product is deadly in my body and I now fear products that might have even a trace as it makes me very very ill. You are not alone with the reactions from this seed. I think products should contain a warning as there must be some allergic reaction in some people.

    • Nearly every single person I have come across has not liked them or become sick from them. We should start a petition to ban them from the grocery shelves. And to top it all off, they are not cheap! 🙁

      • I tried them yesterday for the first time, very bad reaction from both ends! I didn’t make the link until I stumbled on this site as I’ve never had food sensitivities or allergies before. Won’t be eating them again that’s for sure!

  25. Yup! So glad I found this thread… there doesn’t appear to be much available on the WWW about allergic reactions to savi seeds. I had a handful of the chocolate covered ones for the first time three days ago– five hours later nausea followed by an hour of vomiting. I thought it was food poisoning from what I had for dinner, but my boyfriend ate the same thing and was fine. The next day, we both ate savi seeds as a snack and about six hours later I got sick again. I then assumed I had a stomach virus, but it occured to me that the only thing each episode had in common was eating these seeds hours before. My boyfriend didn’t have a reaction at all, so I looked up an allergy, and lo and behold, here it is! Too bad, I found them pretty tasty and a good source of Omega 3’s (I’m a vegan, so it would have been nice!).

    • It happened to me too… I ate my first chocolate covered savi seeds around 11pm last night. (One might have tasted a little moldy.) I woke up at 4:30am, feeling terrible: sweating, dizzy, shaking, nauseous. I violently threw up several times but still felt really strange. Now that I have slept for an additional 11 hours, I feel mostly normal again. Note: my boyfriend ate them with me, but none of his tasted like mold, and he didn’t experience a negative reaction.

  26. It happened to me too… I ate my first chocolate covered savi seeds around 11pm last night. (One might have tasted a little moldy.) I woke up at 4:30am, feeling terrible: sweating, dizzy, shaking, nauseous. I violently threw up several times but still felt really strange. Now that I have slept for an additional 11 hours, I feel mostly normal again. Note: my boyfriend ate them with me, but none of his tasted like mold, and he didn’t experience a negative reaction.

  27. I also had a terrible experience with these seeds! I was taking a first aid class and bought them at a health food store during one of the breaks as a snack. I had about 4 seeds and started feeling extremely nauseous right away, I didn’t connect it to the seeds at first and figured I was feeling sick due to the stuffy room. I almost didn’t make it through the last couple hours of the class and had to pull over on my drive home afterwards a couple of times because I thought I would vomit. I felt sick untill half way through the next day, had to miss my college classes and everything because I felt so terrible.

    I wish I would have known about the seeds earlier! I hadn’t felt that sick in years!! Nausea, vomitting, dizzy and shaky!! If I had eaten more I don’t think I would have made it through the hour long drive home! It could have been a really serious driving hazard. There should be warnings somewhere about these things.

  28. I have tried these Savi Seeds about 3 or 4 times and I have noticed that there are always a couple moldy ones in each batch. I immediately spit out the ones that taste like mold, so I didn’t have a negative reaction, except moldy taste in mouth for awhile. I am almost 100% positive that the mold in these contaminated savi seeds contains the carcinogenic toxin called aflatoxin, which is also present in moldy peanuts, brazil nuts, almonds, and other nuts, seeds, and grains contaminated with certain kinds of mold. Because these are so new they are most likely not tested for aflatoxin. I just sent Vega an email asking if they test for afalatoxin and will reply to this post and let you know their response.

    • Any reply from Vega?

    • I had a similar experience, severe GI upset after having the vega brand chocolate covered savi seeds.After reading all these posts it sounds like most of the allergies were to this brand. I am going to address my health food store. But I’m wondering if others could weigh in here if their negative experiences were only with the chocolate covered savi? I would love to try the plain seeds but I’m concerned.

  29. My nearly 3 year old daughter threw up this evening for about 3 hours straight and the only thing that she ate that was new or different or even suspect was the savi seeds (chocolate covered). It is interesting to see that others have had a problem with them. My older daughter and I both ate them and are fine, but perhaps my youngest got a “bad” one – moldy or something. I am afraid to let her try them again. Poor thing!

  30. Unbelievable! My wife started feeling sick tonight and threw up and felt terrible. She has now gone back and forth to the toilet with diarrhea. I googled vega savi seed and find this thread. They need to be sued or something. There should be a warning about this. Does anyone know how long she will be sick for and if theres anything I can do to make her better

    • I recently tried going from Sun Warrior Protein to Vega Sports Peformance Protein (Vanilla). Took it the end of February and two hours after taking it started vomitting. Had to get someone to drive me home from work. Thought I had the flu. Went on holidays, so didn’t take it again until March 17. Again, two hours after I started throwing up again. The vomitting lasted a few hours and I felt terrible. The only thing I had consumed was the Vega Protein Powder, so I concluded there must be something in it. That’s when I found out about the savi seed reaction. I returned it to the store I bought it from and they said that I’m not the only one having this reaction.

  31. That just happened to me. I’m been ill from them all day altho I had liked the taste.

  32. sick yummy says

    I’m on my back in bed feeling miserable and found this thread by googling “savi seed side effects.” several days ago I bought a bag of vega’s cocoa covered savi seeds for a healthy treat. I tried a couple immediately out of the bag, but didn’t eat more til the next evening. I had a handful after dinner and felt bloated, nauseated, and weak. I thought it must have been something I ate for dinner. The next day I had diarrhea and an upset stomach. I drank apple cider vinegar and the bloating was helped. I ate a few the next day and felt crappy again, but assumed I still hadn’t recovered from what I thought was food poisoning. About an hour ago I was driving home from work, feeling hungry and planning to go to the gym, i ate a handful of savi seeds in the car. within 30 minutes I started feeling bloated again, then extremely nauseated, then achy, like the feeling you get before you vomit! needless to say I skipped the gym & currently i’m just hoping i dont start vomiting. I can’t believe there isn’t a warning on the bag! I will be contacting vega! I called and left a message on the company hotline tonight. hopefully I receive a reply!


    I purchased and ate for the first time, Vega’s Chocolate Covered Savi Seeds, as I hoped to balance an unhealthy sweet tooth with this wonder food!
    Within a few hours of consuming these ‘treats’ I was violently ill. I lost so much fluid at such a rapid rate that when i was finally able to fall asleep, and I wasn’t being woken with the imediate urge to race to the washroom, I was painfully awoken with intense leg cramps!
    I have never had a reaction to food like this one. It was horrible!!!
    In between painful bouts of naussea and diarrhea, I searched the internet (next time I try something new, I will do this FIRST!) and found that even though they are not a nut, and they are ‘allergy free’, certain people will REACT VIOLENTLY to the Savi Seed.
    There are plenty of other healthy options out there to try that will not have the same effect… my advice is to stick to those. This experience was just too awful not to relay to others with the CAUTION label!

  34. Grant Temple says

    Well I have had three separate occasions with this foul seed. Well I’m guessing from the experiences that it’s the savi, anyway similar to others I determined it was the Vega products I was drinking. Last night at my daughters grad (as we rushed to get there on time) I bought a Vegabar … not thinking ‘Vega’ … same company! Almost 2 hours exactly I was feeling nauseated. I turned to my wife and said, “What have we eaten today I don’t feel so good!” … Vegabar … OMG!
    She had eaten one, my three girls drink the Vega shakes and get no reaction but me!!! WOW this stuff is brutal. 20 minutes after the first feeling of illness I was in the theater bathroom projectile vomiting! Sorry to sound gross here but if you are allergic to this (and I have no other allergies) you are in for a very bad trip.


  35. So happy to find this thread I thought I was the only one!!! Couldn’t find anything on the web about allergies to this evil seed. First time it happened I had only eaten a few seeds and went out to a Christmas only to presume my projectile vomiting was food poison. The second time it happened I figured out it was the seeds and have never ever felt so ill in my whole life. I had 12 hours of a painful belly and both diarrhea and vomiting. Today I happened to make myself a smoothie and my friend had just made one. Little did I know that the new vega powder has the seeds in and although the amount must have been minuscule, 4 hours later I was throwing up again!!!!! This really is awful and I think there should be warnings!

  36. I am not familiar with savi seeds. Perhaps I will like to try it to add omega benefits to my body. I like the fact that the seeds are already ready to eat unlike the nuts that I have encountered. I heard that savi seeds are a little bit pricey, is this true?

  37. realregularguy says

    People, it wasn’t the Savi Seed that was poisoning the Vega products, it was the bad milk that was contaminating their products throughout most of 2013. They had to do a massive recall of the product:

    • i was sick after eating the savi seeds, not the recalled protein bars made with savi seeds. plus, it was in early 2012 when i got sick.

      • I agree. I was sick three times prior to 2013 and from the chocolate covered savi seeds and once the vega bar that container savi seeds. I have no dairy or any other allergy for that matter. Absolutely something very nasty with savi seed and my body. My daughter can eat it no problem. Thanks but I don’t think the recall is the only problem with vega products. Be careful!!


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