Rough Patches Make Us Human

In my heart I am a superhero that can leap over tall towers, save people from burning buildings, and laugh in the face of danger all while wearing a super cute fuchsia and lime outfit complete with cape and fabulous shoes.

I would have to have some fabulous boots to wear with my superhero outfit. Something that would stay on while I leapt over tall buildings and whatnot....

Unfortunately I haven’t perfected the building leap quite yet.  There are days I can’t get past my own demons of self doubt to do what I know I should do. I can only see a fat girl peering back at me in the mirror and am less than amazing with my eating, self discipline, internal dialogue, workout, and caring for the people I love most in life.

Until this last year, I thought I was the only one. I thought most everyone else had it together and that I had to pretend to have it together. The thing is that you can’t tell what people are struggling with or what they have overcome by their outsides. I am sure many women look at me and think I have always been thin and just have it all together.

It’s time to burst the bubble. I don’t have it all together!


But do you know what? Neither do you! This is what makes us human.

So what do I do when I find myself just wanting to throw my hands up in the air and yell, “I give up! This is TOO hard!“? Sometimes I do just that, it feels good to get it out of your heart! Word of advice, just don’t do it in the middle of a grocery store unless you want an audience for the rest of your shopping adventure! I’m just saying….

Here are a few strategies that I use:

  • DOMS of The Mind. Every Figure Competitor knows what it feels like to have DOMS. It can be debilitating and makes simple tasks like bringing a coffee cup to your mouth or going down a flight of stairs nearly impossible. I truly believe that my mind sometimes has DOMS. I can be so disciplined, focussed, positive, and fighting for the world and then *blam* I can barely get my butt to the gym and I’m less than positive about life. There isn’t even a glass that could be half empty at this point! When my mind becomes that tired, I give myself permission to take it slow. I walk gingerly in life on these days and just accept the soreness, knowing that tomorrow I will be stronger.
  • Eye Of The Tiger. I stop, mentally push pause on everything going on around me, take a deep breath and then play the Rocky theme song in the background of my mind. I picture myself at the bottom of the stairs with Rocky and then I start running up the stairs. Before I know it a smile is on my mouth and I know it’s go time.
  • 25 Years In The Future. I know who I want to be 25 years from now. I can picture who I am going to be and I know that every day is a building block towards that. So when I am lost, discouraged, and just want to give up I think about that woman that I am becoming. What would she tell me to do? What would she say is important? What would she say to encourage me? Oddly enough, this has been paramount in my success. Kind of like an arse kicking from the future! Hah!
  • It’s A New Day With No Mistakes In It. Every morning I get to start over. I get to choose to have a fabulous day or to not. I get to choose who I am going to be that day. Do I want to be the morose, sad, and overwhelmed woman or the champion? I choose champion. Draw a line in the sand, step over it, and leave all the crap of yesterday in yesterday. Today gets to be a new day.

I am blessed to know and journey along in life with some fabulously brave women that fight for themselves and others. They aren’t fearless, but stand tall in the face of fear. They are superheroes in their own right.

Thank you Michelle, Faith, Liz, Julia, Kari, Alli, Cheyanne, Tracy, Carrie, Kait, Margie, Nicole, Chantelle, Susan, Lisa, Jessica, Debby, and Kathy for being brave with me.

If we never face our fears in life, we never get to be brave.

I don’t know about you, but being brave is actually quite liberating.

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  1. Yes!!! DOMS of the mind! I have that…and bad too. Your posts are always spot on, its like youre in my head or something! Thanks Donloree for being brave, I think I can be too. xoxoxo

  2. One of my fav songs is Eye of the Tiger. Listening to it makes me feel like I can conquer ANYTHING…including those steps Rocky ran up! 🙂
    I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m able to follow the Bikini or Bust ladies on each of their journeys – very cool!


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