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When I am not completing an epic leg day that consists of 200 squats as prescribed by my trainer, chopping vegetables, or doling out my supplements for the next day I am striving to change the world. How isn’t always clear, but the one thing that is clear is that I need a business card.

I am a coach, I do business consulting, I just finished my Personal Training certification, I write, I can install toilets and sinks, and I love challenging people to be as big as they were created to be. Oh…and I avoid peanut butter at all costs.

So what the heck am I supposed to put on a business card as a title? Isn’t my name epic enough? Usually after people hear ‘Donloree‘ they stop listening for a few seconds while their brain tries to grasp what I just said.

While I mused about this, I thought about what I am an expert at in order to help me come up with a title.

I am an expert emotional eater!

I have 30 solid years under my belt of intense emotional eating. I reached expert status at the age of 20 when I made it up to Obese Class One. I will never forget the day I was branded as ‘Obese‘ in front of a waiting room full of people. The nurse called my name, weighed and measured me in the hallway next to the waiting room, and then announced that I was Obese Class One loud enough for the whole world to hear. I was mortified. Then I had to go back to the waiting room and sit in a room full of people that were covertly checking out my muffin top.

I left the doctor’s office that day and went straight to the drug store next door. Mini eggs, Doritos, and 4 chocolate bars came home with me. I never went back to see her again.

Emotional eating invades so much of my life and I didn’t even notice it until this past year. For instance, if my husband and I fight about something I can usually be found baking him muffins shortly thereafter. Funny thing is that he couldn’t care less; for him food is just fuel.

For me food is love, anger, hatred, joy, boredom, excitement, passion, connectivity, fear and every other emotion on the planet.

This past year I have been working on renouncing my expert status in emotional eating. The little blue journal on top of the fridge helps, but I have developed a few other skills to combat my emotional eating.

  1. When I find myself meandering through the kitchen and ‘window shopping’ for a treat, I ask myself, ‘What’s the problem?‘ If the answer isn’t ‘I’m SO hungry‘ then I know I need to leave the kitchen immediately.
  2. What do I get from emotional eating? Thinking about what I am aiming to get by eating half a jar of peanut butter while hiding in the corner of my kitchen is an amazing tool. When I find the answer, I can brainstorm other ideas to get what I need in ways that don’t damage my self esteem and make my pants tight.
  3. Noticing the pattern of behavior. Whenever I find myself in the kitchen for no apparent reason, googling recipes for chocolate cake, or wondering if there is someone that needs me to bake them something I know I’m on the verge of shoving something in my mouth that I don’t want to. At this point, I usually drink some water, brush my teeth, or just leave the house for a few minutes. A brisk walk does wonders for your resolve.

So I am officially a newbie when it comes to taming the beast of overeating, but it is an amazing skill that I am determined to gain expert status in.

Good news on the eating front, but I still don’t have a title for my business cards…

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  1. That’s me. To a T! Food is comfort, that’s how I know it to be. I find myself doing really well with my food and meals at work, because I bring my perfectly portioned meals and that’s that. There’s nothing else for me to graze on (except chocolate in the boss’s office but I never do that!) but when I get home, I’m hungry, annoyed, trying to get the kids’ food ready sometimes I just want to eat something to calm myself down. Or I’ll find myself walking aimlessly in the kitching thinking “what can i have that is super small and won’t be so hard on my body?” NOTHING! yea, I can have one hershey kiss and I’ll be good to go. NOT. I’ll find myself eating like 10 of them and then getting upset with msyelf. So anyway, thanks to you, I’ve learned to stop and think before I just throw something in my mouth. I’ve never done that before. It’s nice to know we do actually have control!! =)

  2. I’m an emotional eater and a self proclaimed foodie. My partner thinks of food as fuel. He told me that eating is a waste of time, it’s time stolen from him when he could be doing something else! I don’t understand this at all. I love prepping, cooking, experimenting and most of all tasting. I’ve always had sensitive blood sugars, when I don’t eat regularly or miss a meal I become very irritable (or turn into the dragon lady!), and food very much has a calming effect over me both emotionally and physically.

    p.s. What’s wrong with Life Coach, Figure Competitor on the business card!

  3. Girl, I never realized I was an emotional eater until a couple years ago. I’d never been overweight until my late 20’s and realized I was eating my feelings during 10 years of time spent in two bad relationships. I’ve lost all cravings for a few months now and thought I’d broken my tie to the emotional eating..until this morning. I was at Starbucks getting my plain tea (not even splenda!) and I became fixated on the display of pastries…to the point where my mouth started watering. I wasn’t hungry, I’d just had my oats and shake for breakfast an hour earlier. Well, actually, I should clarify, my body wasn’t hungry…but my heart was. and still is. This competition journey has stirred up some new beasts that are starting to threaten my resolve. I’m tackling it one day at a time, and thanks to your inspiration and motivation, I know I’ll be able to 🙂

    • I am so glad that you could recognize that your heart is hungry!! What is it hungry for? You can do this! Your resolve may be threatened, but you are brave and fierce! I have no doubt that you can and will do this. We are all in this together. Sometimes it is one hour, moment, and second at a time; but all those moments add up to greatness as you can already see in your life.

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