Worth A Thousand Words

There are lots of things that people want to know about Figure Competitors; what they eat, how they train, and how they fit everything into their day.

Today, you get to see exactly what a Figure Competitor sees on an average day. Nicole is one of the fabulous Bikini Or Bust! Competitors and she created a video to share what a normal day in her life looks like.


See what she sees and travel along on an ordinary day with her!


Make sure to follow this fabulous lady’s journey on Twitter and her blog.

Always positive and seeing the gift in life and others. A true inspiration!

Not only is she an NPC Bikini Competitor; she is an artist, teacher, and woman that has a heart the size of Lake Heron

What does your every day look like? What do you see that others may not?

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  1. Love this so much, Nicole!! You’re beautiful!!

  2. Wow – love the video! I’m inspired to create one too. Keep up your hard work!

  3. Love this idea, it was great!! So creative.

  4. I love this too! Wow Nicole you are drop dead gorgeous.

  5. Wow thanks everyone. I did all the pictures and video from my phone. You should all make one. I would love to see it. At first I was nervous to send it because I thought everyone might think it was silly. But DL gave me the thumbs up! Woo hoo!

  6. Awesome video! Loved it!


    P.S. I’m so jealous of your MAC makeup set-up!! 🙂

  7. Watching that was motivating and inspiring. I loved it! Thank you for sharing:) It helped me so much today..

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