Really, It’s A Compliment!

Figure Competitors do weird things. We rinse tuna, carry meals around in our purses, invent recipes in our heads that are a tad strange, lust after kitchen gadgets, ask Santa for a 6-pack for Christmas, and journey to a neighbouring town just to buy a $3 loaf of bread.

We train and eat to be as lean and strong as possible and enjoy it when people notice. We do not like the usual kind of compliments that people tend to give most women. Saying things like, “Wow, you’re SO SKINNY!” or “Aren’t you just a tiny thing!“, are NOT appreciated. Especially when nearly two hours of our day is spent pummelling our bodies to make them grow!

We are a different breed of woman.

If you want to compliment a figure competitor, here are a few suggestions:

  • Your legs are HUGE. I mean, look at those tree trunks! I bet you can squat 225 no problem.
  • I saw your arms from across the room, they are amazing and somewhat distracting.
  • ‘I can’t open this jar! I need some epic strength….I need someone with some MUSCLE!’ Then hand us the jar.

All of these statements make us smile, stammer, and blush a little bit. If you tell us we are skinny and need to eat more, be afraid! You may just find yourself toe to toe with a lean, mean, figure competing machine!

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  1. I agree with you 100% you actually cracked me up with this one.

  2. HA! YES!! I actually caught myself feeling sad when someone said “You’re arms are so little” and had to remember that THEY think it’s a compliment haha! I want MUSCLE!!!

    Someone please tell me I’m a beast!! haha love this

  3. Seriously!!! One of my co-workers told me that I looked like I was shrinking and then proceeded to say, “I thought you worked out??”

    I had to walk away for fear that I would be arrested for clawing her eyeballs out!! 🙂


  4. When someone tells me I’m “skinny,” I cringe then ask them, “You mean LEAN, right?” 🙂

  5. I yelled at my doctor after the 5th time and I said, but I have muscles!! My hubby got a good laugh out of this because I complain about being called skinny all the time too =)

    • Hilarious! My doctor wants me to gain weight! I stared at her and wanted to start explaining that I still want to lose weight…but then knew it was going to be fruitless to try to explain. Oh doctors! 😉

  6. Great post! this is so true. at my gym some (well meaning) member grabbed my arms and blew on me and said you could blow away you are so skinny (cringe) i am going to bring you a big bowl of oatmeal. i said sure thing right after my comp is over!! LOL
    people are so funny!!

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