This or THAT?!

I have been on a extremely strict diet for a very long time now. Since August of 2010 I have been on a competition prep diet and eating prescribed amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats…and let me tell you the amount of carbs hasn’t been a whole lot. My carbs have consisted of vegetables, kasha, the odd helping of quinoa and my daily half of an apple.

Today was my first day of the new ‘Let’s Not Kill Donloree‘ plan which includes more carbs in an effort to wake up my metabolism.

After my daily nap (yes, I officially need a daily nap to make it through the whole day) I was getting my supplements together for tomorrow. I pulled out my berry supplement and a thought hit me.

The wheels are starting to turn even though I am still suffering from the post nap haze. Don't you just LOVE the hair?

‘Now I can actually EAT the berries that this darn supplement is made from!

It was a whole new world.

If you get to choose, do you choose this:

Not tasty at all. Getting 4 of these guys down twice a day takes some focus!

or  that?

I am drooling even now just looking at this picture. Is there such a thing as fruit lust? If so, I have it!

I pick THAT for sure! I may be in the league of 95 year olds with my daily nap requirement and have to wait another 7 weeks to even SEE the specialist to get the help I need, but I get berries again!

I spun around the kitchen and enthusiastically sang ‘A whole new world‘ even though it sounded more like nails on a chalkboard..

I wonder what other ‘THAT‘ discoveries are out there for me this week as I start this leg of my journey. What are you discovering these days that was always just under your nose?

Please tell me that it makes you sing off key too!

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  1. Exciting times….real fruit. Yummiliciousness. Life is a journey and your pathway is turning around some blind corners that may lead you to new adventures you never dreamed of. My aha came today too. Let’s sing “A Whole New World” very loudly together. I can even harmonize off key right with you. Love you, my daughter

  2. That fruit looks fabulous, I have fruit lust too! Enjoy!

  3. YAY! That’s great news. Your body and your mind will thank you =)

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