Boxed in?

For years and years I told myself things like:

If only…

‘I am stuck, there is no way out…’

I can’t…

‘It’s too late, I am too old, and I will never be able to…’

Let me tell you something, that is a horrible way to live! I was completely boxed in, fat, and unhappy with myself and my life. I thought that I was stuck in that box forever and resigned myself to living a boring, dull, and unimpressive life. I lived that way for way too many years and was quite lost and sad.

Then I realized that I was the one that was boxing myself in and slowly killing myself by putting up so many boundaries. One day I woke up and decided:

I want to live and be free…

‘I put myself in this box, so I should be able to take myself out…’


‘It’s only too late when I am dead…’

Stepping out of the box not only resulted in me standing on a stage in a tiny, bedazzled bikini; it made me realize how amazing it is to live up to your full potential.  Living hidden away doesn’t do you or the world any good, it merely robs everyone of the gift of you! Just being you is one of the most powerful things you can do in life; if you don’t do it who will?


I was reminded of the power of living out of the box by Alli’s brave choice to chase down her dream of competing. Watching someone else step out of their box is amazing and challenging. You can follow her journey on Twitter or on her blog.  Be sure that she’s about to take over her world in a big way!

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  1. But ‘how’ did you step out of the box?

  2. Girl, you are so dang cute! Love the message too – sometimes we don’t even realize we’ve put ourselves in a box until we start feeling constricted and can’t figure out why. I admire you for stepping outside of your box and discovering how brave and wonderful you are. After all, not many people have the courage to get onstage in a bedazzled bikini. 🙂

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