The early bird gets the worm

Out of all the Bikini or Bust women, Michelle is the first one to get up every day. Her discipline, focus, and positive attitude start while most of us are still counting sheep at 3:20 in the morning. There is no question in my mind that this woman is a champion in the making!

So what does the day of an early bird Figure Competitor look like? Michelle was kind enough to share with us what a normal day in her life looks like.

Sometimes I ask myself why I am doing all of this.  Most of the time I am thinking those thoughts at 3:20 am when my alarm goes off or when I am dying on level 110 of the stepmill. In both scenarios, I remind myself that I am doing this achieve a goal. To do something different. I’ve ran marathons, half marathons, 5K’s, 10K’s, competed in triathlon and even one full Ironman… All of that cardio crap eventually gets boring. Weight lifting seemed to be a new world that I could l launch myself into, and a figure show seemed like that ‘marathon’ for weight lifting….and so it began…And speaking of beginnings, here’s what a normal day might look like for me….This is a day that I don’t go out after work and day that I don’t have work commitments after work.

3:20 wake up, make bed, get dressed eat pre-workout snack, check any work emails.
4:00-53:0 am, lift and cardio
5:30-6:45am- eat again, walk dog, get ready for work, log workout in training log.
6:45-7:00am – Drive to work / create video blogs !
7:00am – Arrive at work, prep for meetings, drink coffee, etc.
9:00am- Mid morning snack
12:30 – lunch
3pm- Mid afternoon snack
4:00 or 5:00 or whenever I can, leave work
5-6pm – Run errands, walk dog, change out of work clothes, or attend work functions.
6:00-7:00, eat dinner, work some more, catch up on blogs
7:00-8:00 – Prep and plan for workout and food next day, phone calls with friends, family, read. (What usually happens is I end up doing work emails during this time and it never ends….)
8:00pm – BED! *** This is the goal, almost never happens – usually asleep by 8:30 or 9:00

Not gonna lie,  this lifestyle is great however it takes a lot of saying “no thank you” and a lot of mental toughness. Sure I would love to go to xyz pub crawl, eat junk and sleep till 2pm on weekends, but that does not help me get to any of my goals, nor does it make me feel good – nor is it very healthy. I’m good with that and I don’t need that in my life (not at 35!). Thankfully, my family and friends understand and support my lifestyle. Many of them have similar interests so when they hear me order things like “plain chicken with steamed asparagus” at the local chain it is not surprise to them at all. Plus they all know my drink of choice is San Pellegrino with lime. And they are in bed at 10pm on Saturdays just like me. My parents are great and make me my own “foods” on holidays and gatherings. And they don’t ask questions anymore. It’s just routine. They even give me cool Christmas gifts like ipods/workout gear/vitamins because they know I love the lifestyle. They know to check for gyms at hotels on vacations, and they know when I come stay with them that early am’s are for us to workout together. They get it and I love that.

Also, I am blessed to live alone…. So doing random odd things like this are only witnessed by my dog (the best Pomeranian in the world)

  • Running the blender at 3:30a, for pre workout snack
  • Posing in bathing suit in front of mirror with black socks on
  • Foam rolling on the kitchen floor
  • Boiling 36 eggs at a time
  • Walking around the house in comp shoes
  • Doing laundry every other day
  • measuring food
  • Falling asleep on the couch at 6pm on leg day

It must be 8:00 for this guy too!

Despite the weird things…I am learning that the biggest part of prepping for this show is having the trust, self confidence, persistence and patience in YOURSELF. You really have to look inside yourself and grow your mental attitude along with the delts, glutes, and triceps. If you have the best physique in the world it won’t matter if you don’t have the self confidence to show it off on a stage properly. I am saying this of course because this is what I am working on the most! Getting to the gym and working out is easy (well sort of), working out the mind is another story entirely!

Having the support of people like Donloree and the rest of the BOB ladies make the world of difference. Knowing you can send a tweet/text/email/video to them at any time expressing your feelings and struggles is very comforting! LOL..Us ladies in this challenge are all so wonderfully strong and supportive. I am thankful to have each and every one of them by my side.

And finally, now that my shoes have arrived I can walk in them and continue to work on the “confidence walk!”

With such fabulous feet, there is no question that she will kick some serious butt!


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I am excited to see this early bird bird kick some serious arse, *ahem* get the worm, in July. Thanks for sharing with us Michelle, your dedication is inspirational!

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  1. Um, 3:30 a.m. just blows my mind. That is pure dedication and drive. Way to go, Michelle.

  2. I promise not to complain when I get up at 5 anymore! You’re awesome Michelle!

  3. thanks guys – i dont know how YOU do it with kids and husbands!!

  4. I love it, Michelle is the BOMB!!! I have so much respect!

  5. Go Michelle!!! I’m definitely not complaining about getting up at 4:30 am for cardio anymore!!!

    You’re a beast!!


  6. That’s my Girl! xxoo

  7. I must say, your dedication and routine mind boggles me. I’m throughly impressed and almost at a lack for words! 😀


  8. Thanks all, and I see my mom commented!! :0))))

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