You can never have too many!

Most women will agree that you can never have too many pairs of fabulous shoes; after all a shoe always fits even if you did splurge on your meal plan the day before. While training for a Figure Competition, I have found even more things that I can’t seem to have too many of!

Mrs. Dash

Whoever Mrs. Dash I think all Figure Competitors love her. She turns chicken and veggies into a flavourful greek delight, gives fish a lemon pepper zing, and can make bland cottage cheese something to look forward to. I think I have every Mrs. Dash flavour invented as well as all her distant cousins.

These take up a whole shelf in my spices cupboard. I rival most grocery stores for selection!


Creatine, protein powder, iron, multi-vitamins, calcium, BCAAs, Omega 3’s, and glutamine are a few of the things I have copious amounts of and that have started to take over the breakfast nook in our kitchen.

I call this area of the house, 'DLoree's Pharmacy"!

Protein Shaker Cups

Every time I buy protein they give me free shaker cups. The first few times I was thrilled. Now I don’t know what to do with all of them. I have actually stopped taking them even though they are free, and I LOVE free things. I even have some shakers that have small whisks in them – they are my high end shaker cups.

These are stacked in a precarious manner and threaten to fall on my head every time I open the cupboard with my baking supplies. Good thing I don't bake that often anymore!

Ziploc Containers

I need to be able to put all the components of an epic salad or my many meals for the day into spill proof containers so that I don’t find half a salad sloshing around the bottom of my purse while I am on the go. I have enough containers to package up a small family’s leftovers for a week or keep track of a few days of my meals. It’s totally ridiculous.

And this isn't even all of them. This was just one drawer...I have MORE!

Fabulous Shoes

And of course tons of fabulous shoes. Pants only fit for weeks at a time while in contest prep mode and at there is no reason to have more than one or two pairs if you are only wearing them for a few weeks. So I have invested wisely into a fabulous shoe collection!

Jon and I agreed that I should limit the amount of shoes to what fits in this holder. I have become adept at cramming the shoes in!

What do you find yourself with possibly too many of since training for a competition? Do you also have Ziploc, Mrs. Dash, shoe, supplement, and protein shaker collections?

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  1. I have noticed that figure competitors are obsessed with Mrs. Dash! Is it really that good?! How is it different that plain old spices? or is the convenience? I might just have to break down and buy some, even though I have a bit of a spice problem and I swore to myself I’d stop adding to my out of control collection 😉

  2. Nice collections – just wondering though, is that door with the shoes reinforced for the added weight? 😉

  3. I love all of your shoes and especially how you have politely accomodated his request =) I have about 6 containers of (different) protein powder on my counter right now. It’s taking over my kitchen!!

  4. I have a huge Mrs. Dash collection too! We have special cabinets for supplements and Tupperware also, along with using the top of the fridge. My bf would love to have everything sit out on the counter for convenience, but I’m not ok with that. LOL

    BTW – I envy your fabulous shoe collection!

    • I have to have them out otherwise I forget to take them! If you lived up here in the cold tundra and had a size 8 foot I would let you borrow whatever you wanted! 🙂

  5. Catching up on missed blogs!! This is great and you had me giggling away like a little girl!

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