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Women are amazing creatures, especially the mom variety that train for competitions! Some days I can barely manage the balancing act of training, eating clean, working, and being a wife; I can’t imagine adding in being responsible for little people as well! Lisa is one of the amazing women in the Bikini Or Bust group that manages to do it all. I personally think she has hidden super powers that she just isn’t telling us about!

Lisa, what does an average day in the life of a real life Superwoman look like?

Normally I am up by 5:30am and at the gym by 6am. I work out for about an hour and 45 minutes which currently includes circuit training and cardio. My first meal of the day is right after I work out and that’s a protein shake with glutamine. I shower, get dressed and head to work. We live about 30 minutes from where I work.  I work from 9am-4:30pm as a police clerk in a small village near my home. I absolutely love my job. The officers I work for are just the best and the job is easy, yet challenging, fun, and changes everyday. I’m hoping to be here for a long time. I usually eat my breakfast around 9-9:30am which would either be oatmeal or some kind of egg white meal. I eat lunch about 3 hours later which would be the usual chicken or fish, brown rice, veggies. I’ll have a snack around 3pm which right now is my ever loving apple with pb, but I know that will change soon.  =( At 4:30 I head to daycare  to pick up my kiddos who are 4 1/2 years old and 1 1/2 years old. We usually get home around 5:30pm or so. I’m usually home alone at that point because my husband works 3pm-11pm and sometimes nights on top of that. So its just me and the boys at night. I’ll get dinner ready for them right when we get home and get them eating, then I’ll get my dinner ready. Dinner usually consists of some kind of protein, chicken, fish, turkey and some veggies. If I’m hungry later, I’ll have a protein shake, but I’m usually okay. By the time I finally get to eat, get the dishes and kitchen cleaned up, it’s around 6:30-7pm. I play with the boys for a little while and then get them in the bathtub around 7:30.  We also facetime with daddy every night, which they love! The baby (he will always be my baby!) goes to bed around 8pm. After he goes to bed, I hang out with my 4 year old and play games or watch some tv. Relax time I call it! He usually goes to bed around 9pm but probably doesn’t fall asleep until much before 10! After I get him in bed I will get on the computer and do homework (last class!!!!) or check up on blogs/facebook, etc. I try my best to be in bed by 10 and hopefully asleep at or before 11pm. Then it starts all over at 5:30 the next morning!

What are your most favorite and least favorite times of the day?

I’d say my hated time right now would be at night, after the kids are in bed. This is the time I want to relax, take a bath, or even go to bed early sometimes but right now I can’t do that. I need to make sure my schoolwork is done. I do love going to the gym, that’s ME time. I work hard and sweat like a pig! That being said, i still think my favorite time of the day is when I pick my boys up from daycare. They are SO happy to see me and I get lots of hugs and kisses! Right now I eat the usual competitors diet, chicken, fish, tuna, veggies, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and lots of water. I don’t mind it though.

Who is your biggest support?

My biggest supporter is my hubby. He makes sure I get my gym time, he eats like I do so I don’t feel bad about what others are eating, he gives me tons of encouragement and is my biggest fan. Everyone else in my life supports me as well! Life is pretty tough sometimes, it’s always go, go, go and never just sit down and relax. I’ll be ready for that once school is over. I usually have about 6 loads of laundry to do each week, plus normal household cleaning on top of that.

What is the most difficult thing about training?

The most difficult thing for me is having no help at night and not getting to see my husband. Since I leave so early in the morning and he works until late, somedays we never see eachother. He does work close to me though, so he’ll try to stop by and say hi somedays. He’s my very best friend and my rock and I miss him a lot. That’s the tough part. Maybe that will change someday….

Once a month I do my part and go to base to work. I’m an E-5 in the New York Air National Guard. I have about 13 years in (the military) so far and will stay in until I retire at the 20 year mark. I joined the Air Force in 1994 right out of high school and went straight into the Air National Guard in 2000 when I was honorably discharged from active duty. I also drive up to the base a few times a year to do my extra days I’m required to do. My job is basically a paper pusher right now, though things may change here within a few years and I may decide to get commisioned and become an officer, but that’s a whole other story for another day!

Why are you training for a competition?

Because I LOVE and respect the sport. I love watching my body transform. I love feeling confident and looking my absolute best and knowing I am the one who made me that way. When I step on stage I feel so proud of who I am and all the hard work I did to get there, regardless of my flaws and downfalls.

There things that you do that makes you ‘different’ than most, but what makes you normal?

I’m just a normal working mom, trying to  pay the bills and take care of my babies. Making sure they have a happy, healthy childhood and give them a good role model to look  up to. How am I different? I am an amatuer bikini competitor. I work hard, like none other at the gym. Some look at me as “small,” “petite,” or “skinny,” and I hate those words. I’m lean and cut and will beat down anyone who gets in my way!

The laser beams are everything that is thrown at me on a daily basis, but I fight it off and stay strong. =)


I knew it! She is totally Superwoman!!

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  1. Yay Lisa. That’s quite the schedule you have. Very inspiring!!

  2. Thank you, you guys are sweet! I love my life. Having my bikini or bust family is just awesome too, everyone is so great!!

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