Embracing the Struggle

I am in the best shape of my life and chasing down the dream of becoming a Pro-Figure Competitor. To do this it takes dedication, patience, and focus. I am not merely trying to get into a size smaller pant anymore, I am pushing the limits on everything that I used to think was impossible. I love surprising myself with what is actually possible.

While chasing down my dream, I have found that it takes an extreme mental focus and a very disciplined mind. THIS is what I have found to be most rewarding. It has spilled over into other areas of my life; my relationships, personal finances, eating, and self esteem. The woman I am becoming on the inside is someone I am proud of and someone who is lean and strong.

The path I have chosen is not easy, rather it is rewarding.

I am 12 weeks out from my next competition and am both excited and frustrated. As you know, my muffin top has become my hallmark nemesis. Now many of you are thinking, ‘WHAT muffin top?!’ You have asked, and so I will show you. Now remember what context this muffin top is in. I am aiming for the conditioning of a pro-athlete:

These are a few of the competitors from my October show....

And this is me after an epic back and hamstring workout before I have showered…boy I sure like you guys to post this picture!

I have lean arms and legs, but that middle is FLOPPY! I keep poking it and hoping that it will go away, but it doesn't frighten easily. I feel like someone needs to cue the 'you just lost" game show music. Hah! (It is a wee bit better when I suck it in...a wee bit!)

My anxiety stems from the fact that after 13 weeks of very clean and extremely focussed eating and giving 100% at the gym everyday, I haven’t lost any fat and basically all my fat resides in my muffin top! If I merely looked around at what I can see today, I would throw my hands up and sit on the floor in a puddle of tears. But today is just a blip in my story. I have the mental strength of a pro-athlete and my mind is getting leaner by the day. It is from the struggle that you become strong, so I choose to embrace the struggle. I have obstacles such as Hashimoto’s and genetics to overcome, but it is in the overcoming that I get to become an even better me.

One day when I stand on that stage and receive my pro-athlete status, I will be proud of all that I have accomplished AND who I have become while doing it.

I have removed the words ‘tired’ and ‘can’t’ from my vocabulary. I can and am energized to give 100% for the next 12 weeks.

GAME ON, Hashimoto and all!

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  1. It’s all about attitude & yours is great! When I taught school, I always encouraged the kids to say “I’m having difficulty with this” instead of “I can’t do this”. Sometimes that little shift in attitude was all they needed.

  2. I seriously love your attitude. I hate days where I feel bad about myself. I have to admit to myself that I look great and I work hard for it. My husband told me today, “Lisa, I see all the changes and good going on with your body, you are too self critical and only see the things you don’t like.” How true is that? I’m trying really hard to overcome that and not be so critical because in the end, I do work hard and I do look good!

  3. Thanks for posting a progress picture! I understand that you are going for pro status, so it makes sense now when you talk about having difficulties with your “muffin top”. You WILL get to pro status and get rid of that muffin top! You have such a great attitude and amazing dedication 🙂

  4. I am a fellow muffin topper. So I watch you closely to see what you do to get rid of it. Why can’t all this hard work have faster results. ARRRGH.

  5. You go Donloree! So proud of you!!!!

  6. I just looked at your progress and how far you have come since 2000 and wow! Congrats on your success!

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