Eating Out Without Outing Yourself

I don’t eat at restaurants that much anymore, but there are some events and times when you can’t eat an epic salad on the go. I have yet to eat an epic salad in a ladies room at a restaurant…but there is a first time for everything!

Needless to say, sometimes I find myself with clients or friends at a restaurant and having to eat something from the menu.

The problem is that I have no idea what is in these meals! I have had some very awkward conversations with confused waiters!

DL – Umm…Hi. *bats eyelashes* So…ummm…I have a few questions about some of the menu items…

Confused Waiter – Sure! About the specials?

DL – Not so much. So this chicken on the salad, does it have skin? Is it marinated in anything?

CW – You bet! It has an amazing lime, garlic, and sesame marinade and comes with a crispy battered coating!

DL – Oh, well that’s no good. Do you have just plain grilled chicken…naked chicken if you will?

CW – NAKED chicken?!…

DL – Ok, that’s totally fine. These root vegetables, how are they prepared? Are they steamed?

CW – They are pan fried in butter with rosemary and garlic. Delicious!

DL – And not very vegetable-esque anymore…Ok..No vegetables then. (By this point the WHOLE table is listening intently to crazy dialogue) How about a house salad with the dressing on the side?

CW – With the zesty lime chicken?

DL – Nope. Just the greens with the dressing on the side. Oh! And can I get a glass of water with a wedge of lemon please? (More batting of the eyelashes happens at this point)

CW – Ok then? (Gathers the menu with a puzzled look on his face)

It is never fun to scare the waiter or your table mates. After enduring one too many interesting eating out fiascoes, I have come up with some fabulous ways to get around these embarrassing moments.

  • Google. If you know where you are going prior to the event, take time to Google the menu and the nutritional information. Then make a choice before you arrive to the restaurant. This means you can peruse the menu with everyone else and ‘choose’ something from the menu. It is a very stealthy way to ensure you stay within your macronutrients for the day!
  • Eat before you go out. If you eat your meal prior to going out you aren’t going to be hungry and tempted to just order something! I have eaten prior to meeting friend for lunch and then simply ordered a meal that comes with a starter salad. I order the house salad with the dressing on the side and then just move the food around on the entree plate. It’s amazing how ‘eaten’ a meal can appear if it’s simply been cut into a few pieces and moved around on the plate. Then I ‘pack up the rest to go’ and Jon gets a fabulous lunch the next day. Win – win if you ask me!
  • Go to the bathroom, ahem, bar. After you’ve been seated and you figure out who your waiter is, go for a quick visit to the bathroom, aka the bar, and find your waiter. This gives you the opportunity to have the high maintenance needs conversation without a captive audience. Then when it comes time to order you can do so without an issue and he knows exactly what you want. No one has to be the wiser!

I can’t be the only Figure Competitor that does such things! I am pretty sure that every woman in contest prep mode has done at least one of these! What other fabulous coping mechanisms do you use while eating out and trying to appear normal?

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  1. Just ate out tonight. But felt pretty normal. I had broiled salmon, roasted vegetables, and a side green salad with a drizzle of house dressing. Can never be sure about how the salmon was ‘broiled’ though! But it was pretty plain… And it looked like about 10 oz of salmon; so I had to eyeball a reasonable serving.

    • My favorite places to eat out are steakhouses because they usually have the whole meal in ‘pieces’ already so it makes it easier! Sounds like the perfect meal out! 🙂

  2. SO true. I get the looks at McDonalds when I take the kids. I order a plain grilled chicken sandwich and then immediately throw the bun away. They just stare at me =)

  3. DL this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I like to know…I had a terrible fiasco a few weeks ago :(….I feel so bad for being the problem client to the waiter – and then they just think you’re a picky grinch… 🙁


  4. I ask if they cook things in butter then I tell them I am allergic.

  5. I actually only eat out for treat meals. If I have to go out during prep, I either order a plain salad with dressing on the side, or I bring my own food and either eat it cold or have the restaurant heat it up. Yes, they will do that, and no, they’re not usually very happy about it. 🙂

  6. Kendra Warren says

    Imagine the look of the waiters face at the Mexican restaurant when I ordered a dry side salad. EPiC!
    I typically will pack my own protein and order a salad and just sneakily dump it on when no one’s looking!

    • You are so smart! Grilled chicken up your sleeve, a quick shake, and wah-lah! a salad that makes a competitor happy. I am TOTALLY going to do this. I love this idea! Thanks lady!


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