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People always want to know what my nutrition plan looks like. I am always leery to tell them, but not for the reasons that you may think. What and how I eat is not a super-duper-secret, nor is there anything rather special about it. I eat a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, and fats and my calories are consumed in small meals all day long. I also eat very large salads.

The reason I worry about telling people how I eat is that they will start to implement exactly how I eat and end up with less than stellar results.

Every person is different, has different calorie needs, metabolizes food differently, and has a different genetic make-up. This means that there is no silver bullet plan. I get more than a tad nervous when I hear competitors say things like, “I bought the Figure Competitor nutrition plan and am implementing it starting tomorrow!

I am blessed to be able to work with Joe Klemczewski for my diet and training. He customizes everything for each competitor and works with me daily to ensure I’m  on track and meeting my goals. And he’s trained many athletes to get their pro cards all while ensuring they are healthy and happy while they do it!

Not everyone can work with a nutritionist and get a custom plan though! I know that feeling. It took me a long time to start asking the right questions and learning what I needed to learn about food, longer than it should have. I just took in information from people that were not experts and got poor results from my diet. I overate protein, and fat for quite a long time and didn’t lose the weight I needed to for my first show.

This is one of the areas that I should have taken more leadership in WAY sooner and I definitely regret. But from every unintended result in life, there are things to be learned!

My piece of advice for all competitors is to learn about nutrition, food, emotional eating, and how your body uses food sooner than later. Treat yourself like a science experiment!

  • Start a daily food journal and write down everything you eat
  • Take not of your training and how you feel during and after
  • Weigh yourself every day and see how your weight fluctuates based on diet and exercise
  • Cut out certain kinds of food and see how you feel with or without them
  • Supplement your diet! Greens, omegas, calcium, vitamins, glutamine, and iron supplements may change your whole outlook on life and protect your health

While you collect all the data about your eating, start learning about food and how to prepare healthy meals that you enjoy. Just because you are training for competition your life does not need to consist of only boiled chicken breast and broccoli. Some fabulous resources are:

It is so important to figure out what eating works best for you, not me or anyone else! Your health is in your hands, so consult experts, ask questions, and don’t just blindly follow a plan just because it worked for someone else. Train hard in the gym and the kitchen!

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  1. I’m amazing how many people claim to be “experts” or just throw information out there without any reasoning behind it. Like you, I’ve gotten my best results by working with a knowledgeable trainer/nutritionist. Great tips and resources here!

  2. Hi Donloree,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I just have a couple of questions. I know my questions aren’t really related to your latest blog entry, but I’m curious to know what your husband eats? I know you eat clean, does your husband eat clean also? Or does he do all of his own cooking and eat differently than you? I was also wondering if you will be posting anymore progress pictures? I know it may seem silly but I would like to see what your “muffin top” look’s like. I myself have one, but I’m curious as to what a figure competitors would look like? Silly I know…but I’m curious.

  3. awesome post! especially when you are first starting out it’s so important to work with a nutritionist who understands not only contest prep dieting but that should not be a cookie cutter plan. everyone’s needs and bodies are different. kudos to you!!

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