Fondness Grew In My Heart

Now that I eat clean, and I mean CLEAN, several foods have wormed their way into my heart and taken root with surprising ferocity. I no longer want to eat chips, popcorn, candy bars, and all that bad stuff. Now I long for random foods that most people would never crave. If I find myself hangry in the middle of a meeting I think about eating things like kasha, egg white scrambles, or a good old fashioned epic salad. Even the peanut butter cravings have ceased, which is basically a miracle!

The one food that has become a surprising staple is Greek Yogurt. I will never forget the first time I had it, I was in love. Then I realized that it was 14% fat and filled with carbs….that’s how they got it to taste so wonderful and coconut-errific. Being the responsible Figure competitor that I am, I immediately bought the 0% plain version and stuck my spoon in with gusto.

Then I immediately pulled the spoon out of my mouth with gusto and started to gag. My intital thought was, “This must be past the magical expiration date!” Not so, it’s just very sour.

Now what?

I let it lurk in the back of my fridge for a few days while I wondered how I was going to start to eat this super lean protein source. After all, EVERYONE was eating it…

Looks quite innocuous, but it has QUITE the bite! This darn food was not about to get the best of me!

I tried many things, and in the process of all my trying I came to love it! It can basically be anything; it’s officially the chameleon of foods. I have used it to make dips, desserts, snacks, spreads, and put it in tons of things.

Perhaps you are like me and are currently having a staring contest with the yogurt, desperately trying to love it but just unable to do it.

Here are some fabulous ways to use it!

  • Think of it like sour cream, wherever you would use sour cream use the yogurt!
  • Mix it with lemon and lime zest and juice and add your favorite fruit. I’ve tried apples and blackberries, but raspberries and strawberries would be fabulous as well.
  • Make frozen mousse!
  • Add dill and a sploosh of lemon and wah-lah a veggie dip
  • Mix with salsa and cheese for a spicy dip…I am thinking about baking this combo and seeing if it makes a good hot dip
  • Put it on rosemary potatoes
  • Apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give you a festive tasting treat

How do you yogurt it up Greek style? I would love more suggestions!

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  1. The main way I love it is with frozen raspberries. Yes, I know I’m boring!!

  2. I use Goats Kefer now, because I’m allergic to cow dairy, but I loved putting in my morning smoothie with fruit, protein, fibre, and udo’s oil. Sometimes I put vanilla extract or fresh ginger in too. I can get Goats Yogurt too. I was thinking of making Tziki Sauce with the Goats Yogurt. I love Tziki Sauce. I also used it on tacos and wraps. Yum!

  3. Awesome!! Love this!

    I also spread it over my chicken before baking. Since I can’t use salt or oil, this helps it stay moist and retain any seasonings I sprinkle on it!

    I have also strained it to make a “cream cheese” ( for my bagels 🙂

  4. I happen to stumble across this website and I love it! I have been reading all of the blog inserts for HOURS! Literally since like 1:00 today, ha! I would love to see what you eat on a daily basis, would you be willing to post that or is it posted somewhere else and I am missing it??? Also did you compose your own meal plan or did someone else help you?

    • FYI- It is currently 4:10 here now… I am not some crazed woman reading from 1pm until your time 9:10! That would be hard core!

    • Welcome! 🙂 I have posted a few of my meals here and there…check the recipes tag. My meal plan shifts according to how I am or am not losing fat, but I should post it up! The Bikini Or Bust ladies will be featured soon with ‘A Day In The Life Of’ posts, so there will be lots of things there too! They will share all about themselves and their days. Should be fun! I have a nutritionist that sets how much protein, fat, and carbs I should eat but I choose everything that I eat. =)

  5. I love Fage greek yogurt and just found Straus Family European style yogurt. I would never have eaten this stuff before I went low sugar, but I LOVE it now! Ive never seen the Liberte, but I go for anything that has less than 5g sugar for a half cup.

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