Contest Prep and Snow Storms

I live in Canada…otherwise known to me as the Arctic. I don’t technically live in the Arctic Circle, but close enough! I think that any place that drops below -20 and its inhabitants don’t blink an eye or raise an eyebrow, it qualifies as the Arctic.

Living in the Arctic has its problems.  You have to think about things that most people don’t think about, things like ‘Do we have a blanket, flashlight, and food in case we get stranded in a snowbank and need to wait hours for help?’ If you live in a tropical place I am sure there are other concerns….what those are, I am not sure, but death from hypothermia is NOT one of them.

This weekend I finished up my last module of coach training in Calgary, which is 3 hours south of Edmonton. Seeing how I am armpit deep in contest prep, I packed up four days of perfectly portioned food like any good competitor would.

1.5 hours of planning, measuring, chopping, and a bunch of Ziplocs results in four days of perfectly planned food.

I was feeling so confident that I even left my food scale at home, after all I had EVERY SINGLE morsel of food that I was going to eat for the next four days chopped, measured and accounted for.

It was time to live wild!

Buh-bye! Time for a weekend of R & R for the food scale.

Then a snow storm hit the Arctic. Do we stay in Calgary or brave the roads home? My husband is from Saskatchewan and apparently this gives him superpowers to drive in epic conditions; so despite my trepidation and cancelling of my whole day tomorrow, we headed home.

We ate on the road home….guess who ate what.

They say that opposites attract...

Then we drove for 300 kilometers on an ice rink.

The sheen is all black was EPIC!

During the trip home I worried about things like death of course, but I worried about other ridiculous things that only a Figure Competitor in contest prep would worry about.

  • What if we have to stay over night in Red Deer? How am I going to cook my kasha for breakfast?
  • Does pushing the car out of a snowbank count as a cardio or leg workout?
  • I left the darn food scale at home. What if I have to eyeball my food for the next day? How in the world is THAT going to work?
  • I don’t have any more Ginger Sesame Organic dressing left…will I have to eat a naked Epic Salad?!

You know, the really important things in life!

Let’s just say I am quite surprised to be sleeping in my own bed tonight, but happy to have my food scale close by my side.

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  1. So glad you made it home safely! It’s nasty out there.

  2. hahahhaha, I would have been thinking the same thing – where will I stay and will they have michelle friendly food? And in az we have concerns in the summer – “What if I get stranded, will my food, and myself melt?” “What if i faint from doing cardio outside in 120 degree weather”? “HOw can I buy chicken and get it home before it goes bad in the car”???

  3. Glad you made it home safely – it’s a nightmare out there!! I am amazed at your organization to bring a whole weekend’s worth of food with you. Pure dedication!!

  4. Oh my gosh, that made me laugh. Yes, thankfully you are home safe and sound!!

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