Cellulite, Stretch Marks, and Muffin Tops, OH MY!

“I can’t compete I have cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy skin….and that muffin top; there is just no way!”

I hear these kinds of comments all of the time from women that WISH they could compete in a Bikini, Figure, or Bodybuilding Competition.

The women on the stage are real and not one of them is picture perfect. What they are is striving for the absolute best of who they can be; cellulite and all! I have stretch marks, ‘love bumps‘ as Debby in the Bikini or Bust Challenge calls cellulite, and that darned muffin top still.

Yet I have walked confidently across a stage in a bedazzled bikini unashamed of all of those things; proud of who I am becoming. Competition day does not define who you are, nor does it mean you have ‘arrived‘. This morning I realized that the day I ‘arrive‘, I die. Life is way too much fun to stop living, so no arriving for me anytime soon! I will continue on my journey of living past my self imposed limitations and just see what is possible when a woman lives up to her full potential.

The muffin top, cellulite, and stretch marks are part of who you are and shouldn’t be hated. No more self loathing is allowed. It is time to break the self imposed limitations on your life like cellulite, stretch marks, and muffin tops and fully be yourself.

You may not find yourself on a stage in a bedazzled bikini and heels, but you will definitely find yourself on the stage of life beaming with a light that comes from within.

What are you going to do despite your cellulite, stretch marks, and muffin top?

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  1. Yes, 100% correct.

  2. You said it best, when you walk across that stage, you are proud of YOU and all that you have accomplished, regardless of those little things we don’t like about ourselves. My cellulite and muffin top were not on my mind when I was strutting in front of those judges. I was just smiling, trying not to fall on my arse, and enjoying all of the hard work I put in. NO SELF LOATHING! =)

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