I have been powering through tiredness, a lack of results, a very focussed, low calorie diet, and low energy at the gym for a very long time now. In the fall I found out that I was severely anemic, which has helped to move the severe tiredness to only extreme tiredness, but did not fix the problem.

So I finally went and got more blood work done after 4 months of still feeling horrible. No judging! It’s hard to go in for fasted blood work when you’re a Figure Competitor, eating breakfast is the most glorious part of our day.

Great news – I am broken! I am so glad to know that I am broken, it means that I can be fixed. Living the way I do, having to rely on sheer mental grit to get through the day, is not normal.


So Hashimoto Thyroiditis it is. I have never been so glad to have a label attached to me…now just to find those abs!

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  1. What a trip, I was diagnosed with that about 15yrs ago. I never had any symptoms though. I was diagnosed because I was having other issues with infertility and they tested me and found out that way. Hope you start to feel normal again.

  2. I was diagnosed a year ago after my daughter was born. I just had a total tyroidectomy after my thyroid began to develop nodules and shut down. My advice is to be mindful of how your feeling and get your levels checked on a regular basis. Best to you!

  3. Who goes to the doctor…? people only do that when they cut their arm off! LOL .. Well glad to hear you’ve figured it out!!! I am so thrilled! 🙂 And you can do it – I have not had cheese in almost 3 yrs! 🙂 I bet you feel a whole lot better huh!

  4. I love your attitude and yes, Hashimoto is a terrific word; right up there with sploosh! On a serious note, I’m so glad you have a diagnosis and a plan to overcome. 🙂

  5. Kathy Sperling says

    Hi Donloree,

    I’ve dealt with it for 14 years now. No picnic, but if you have ANY questions, call or e-mail me, especially about natural versus synthetic drugs. Synthroid or other synthetics did not work at all for me – if you don’t feel better in 4-6 months, it may be worth considering the natural…Just speaking from lard-learned experience!
    Kathy Sperling

    • Lots of people are telling me that the synthetic ones didn’t work, makes me want to jump right to natural ones first. I will call or email with questions if I have them! Thank you for being available. I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  6. Kathy Sperling says

    PS That was supposed to be “hard-learned” – darn those typos!! K

  7. Cindy Smith says

    Bummer that it’s Hasimoto’s, but at least you know what you need to do to get to feeling better! You’ll probably be amazed at how good you’ll feel since you’ve probably forgotten what “good” is. Onward ho!

  8. Makes me think of the guy on food network, Iron chef. =) You are too funny. You have such a good attitude about it, that’s awesome. You’re my hero!

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