Looks of Sheer Terror

I get the strangest looks and comments when I decline food at parties. Then I get even stranger ones when I bring out my own food from my purse and decline the fat free dip and vegetables. As high maintenance as it seems, I’ve got all my macros covered and don’t have room for even a carrot stick smothered in non-fat sour cream and dill.

At some point I have to break down and give the explanation of what the heck I’m doing and why.

This is when the look of sheer terror usually crosses someone’s face, then it is quickly replaced by pity. Proclamations like “I could NEVER do that!” or “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!!! That sounds HORRIBLE.” are then made. It is in this moment that they are contemplating living life the way I do and it is unfathomable to them. I usually chuckle a bit when I see the utter pity and despair in their eyes.

I never thought I could do this either…but here I am and am happier than a clam doing it. There is no reason to feel sorry for me. I don’t have a terminal disease and can eat whatever I want. It is a choice I have made to have this much discipline and eat and train like I do.

Friends, great conversation, joy and fabulous community are all things I still get to enjoy while I aim for an audacious goal. I am not sacrificing anything, suffering, or being forced. I have goals and purpose that are more exciting and tempting than food.

My training and clean eating is done with joy and purpose and I am happier than I have been in a very long time.

Passion, purpose, and results taste better than cheesecake any day!

14 weeks and counting until I kick some arse on that stage. It’s go time!

Who else is ready to taste sweet success?

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  1. I am so ready!!! I totally know what you mean. I get the “oh I could never do what that” too!!! I’m always like “YES you can, it’s a choice.”

  2. ‘Passion, purpose and results taste better than cheesecake any day’ – now, that’s a great quote!!

  3. Ha – I love to watch people watch me – LOL !

  4. Me too, me too!

  5. H DonLoree.
    I was wondering what you mean by eating clean. I’m interested I too have goals:)

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