Resolutions, Meh-Solutions!

I am not a big New Years Resolutions person. Why dream, set goals, or look back only once a year? There is no reason to wait until tomorrow to set a goal and start striving towards it!

Nonetheless I still found myself musing on what my 2011 goals and aspirations are…

Every day I weight train, my first exercise focusses on on large muscle group.  As such, many mornings you will find me in the power rack for 30 – 45 minutes doing squats, shoulder presses, or deadlifts.

Every morning I battle for the one power rack with a very testosterone filled twenty-something man. This morning was no exception.

My favorite place to hang out at the YMCA. Why the heck do they only have one of these? Don't they know how FABULOUS they are?!

I was intercepted on my way over to the power rack.

Very Testosterone Filled Twenty-Something Man – Uh, you using the power rack this morning?

DL – Yup. It’s deadlift day. Do you need it?

VTFTSM – (Flaring lats and rubbing his flexed bicep) Yes, but perhaps I can work in there between your sets.

DL – Uh…sure, but what are you training? And how would that work? I am pretty sure we aren’t lifting the same weight.

VTFTSM – Well, I am doing squats, it should work.

DL – Not so much. So I need it for 25 – 30 minutes, do you need it right now?

VTFTSM – I can train my shoulders first. It’s fine. (Struts off to the dumbbells while watching himself in the mirror the whole way)

Every time this happens he proceeds to watch me like a hawk until I am finished. The second I start unloading the weight he is there unloading it with me and claiming ownership over the power rack.

I just step away slowly.

Today while I did my deadlifts, I felt a sense of pressure from this ridiculous man and didn’t give myself the time and stretching between sets that I should have. I let his ridiculousness get to me and did not lift with good form. I was just trying to get through it and move on.

I know better. I know that good form trumps weight every time. I know that good form results in more power, more results, and more muscle growth, but I chose to just ‘lift it’.

My lower back completely seized and I couldn’t finish my workout.

I do this with life sometimes. I choose not to have good form and just get through the day, task, or situation. I do not employ good form for more power, results, or muscle. And then I seize up.

Much to my chagrin, I find myself with a New Year’s Resolution. 2011 is going to be the year I strive to use good form in life everyday: discipline, kindness, a positive attitude, belief in myself, generosity, no self loathing, faith, laughter, and being part of a community are going to mark my life.

This is the year that I pack on the muscle, both inside and out.

What are you doing in 2011?

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  1. Cindy Smith says

    I think every gym has one of those guys — the ones that flex and stare at themselves in the mirrors,etc.

    Thank you, Donloree for being such an inspiration and sharing your high and low times during this life journey.

    Here’s to 2011!!!

  2. OH I know exactly how you feel – bad form man strikes again!! GRRRRR!!! I too have one of “them”.
    Happy New Year – this will be the year we meet in person! 🙂

  3. Totally had a guy like that at my old gym. He would seriously watch me complete my entire workout and then provide commentary. I wanted to ask him how he managed to complete his workout when he was so focused on mine?!!! Blargh. Those people make me crazy. Resolutions, plans, dreams, goals – whatever you want to call them, I agree it shouldn’t be a once a year thing! Knowing you, it totally won’t be.

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